We discussed on the Last post about “How to Buy Bitcoin in India and legal”  and here I’m sharing to how to mine bitcoin very easily from your laptop. As I researched, I found a very easy and simple to mine bitcoin from your laptop/desktop Computers. If you think about efficiency that is obviously less but it is good to start with to earn about mining. Before step into tricks to mine bitcoin from your laptop learn about How to Buy Bitcoins in India here.

Simple Laptop/Desktop Computers mining is very effective for beginners to start with and to know about horsepower, opening a cryptocurrency wallet, getting affiliate bitcoins, satoshi, transferring bitcoins to the wallet.

Lets see how Laptop/Desktop Computers can be used for easy Bitcoin mining in a simple way. Laptop/Desktop Computers Configuration for Bitcoin Mining – 2/4/8/16 GB RAM, Windows decent version or iOS decent version, 256 HDD, Chrome or Firefox browser installed.   Once you have this configuration launch Chrome and install the below-mentioned plugin. Because the bitcoin mining performs on chrome. Yes! install this Extension “Crpto Tab” and start mining:

Step 1: Install Cypto Tab to your browser

Step 2: Launch the Crypto Tab from chrome and that’s it. Mining will be started based on system configuration. If ram increase Bitcoin mining performance increases and vice-versa(horse power increases).

Step 3: Login to the account by clicking Responsive menu(3liner- top reg corner)

Step 4: Wait for an hour to get the number on your browser dashboard part

Step 5: Control your speed on CPU to generate Bitcoin {Low CPU Usage,  Medium CPU Usage, High CPU Usage } While your system is not working you can try with Low and High CPU Usage

Step 6: Once you mine 0.00001 BTC it can be withdrawn to any Cryptocurrency wallet just by parsing it.

Bitcoin Affiliate Network to Earn 1BTC / month.

How to mine Bitcoin in your computer

Crptotab has launched an Affiliate program to earn more BTC. To Boost Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining with a referral. You will get 25% of their mining  – for each of your referral and 10% on your friends friend referral.

Sometimes, a referral will be more than you mine bitcoin from your computer. Because you have referred more than 5 users and they continue mine bitcoin from their Computer. I have shared my screen to show affiliate reference mining and  own mining.

crypto tab - bitcoin mining


There are few video’s though explained how to use Cyrptotab and Payment proof.

Thanks, crypto charlie for your video.

What is the Minimum Withdrawal for BTC Crypto Tab?  

The Minimum Withdrawal for Crypto Tab is 0.00001 BTC with a cumulative total of affiliate and mined BTC.  To get more BTC refer more and push them to mine you will get 25% of mining as affiliate referral. The Crypto Tab chart will calculate your referral and earning for a month as mentioned below.

crypto curreny - crypto tab - earning 1 BTC for a Day

How to Transfer Bitcoin to Wallet from Crypto Tab?

Once you generate 0.00001 BTC you are eligible to transfer Bitcoin to your wallet. It is that simple Click on withdraw button and enter your wallet address (i have an account on Zebpay) from your exchange and hit enter within 24 hours bitcoin will be transferred to your exchange wallet. I prefer Zebpay as it has easy transaction and easy buy-sell option. If you could install Zebpay to your mobile use this referral. (Zebpay referral) it is win-win situation for both each will get 500 rupees worth Bitcoin.

How to Mine Bitcoin Faster from Laptop Computer?

When you right click on Crypto Tab chrome extension  – there you see Low CPU usage, Medium CPU usage, High CPU usage this optimization helps to mine faster and increase horsepower. When you in middle of something doing a special activity where you need high CPU usage switch to option Low CPU usage so this will not affect your CPU performance and when you computer idle switch to High CPU usage.  This will increase you Bitcoin and special activity performance.

cryptocurrency - Bitcoin mining

Scenario:  One of my affiliates has Mac with 8 GB ram and i have 4 GB. His mining performance will be faster than my mining though it will help in affiliate mining. So seek an affiliate with a high configuration where you can get more BTC without much effect from your end and always keep your CPU performance medium to Crypto Tab mining so it won’t affect your parallel performance.


Add Crypto Tab to Chrome | Downlaod Zebpay  


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