Mirror your Android Device or to Second Screen

 Now a days the technologies has been developed far better than hundred years back , Because of  highly developed technology , we are using  some electronic gadgets like dual screen smartphones, retina display tablets, etc. which will minimize your work in our busy scheduled life. So that we are using these types of  latest and more useful gadgets and Applications. In market place you can find these type of gadgets which makes your life in a better manner.

The  new  innovative idea emerging right now is Mirroring the screen of your android device directly on your  Television. the technology is been increased from connecting computer and Television to mobile and Television. You can implement this using two ways.


First method : You can connect the two devices (mobile phone and television) , the android devices with your big screen TV through HDMI cable. But the condition is both should support the HDMI connection between mobile phone and television mostly all trendy televisions support with HDMI .

Second Method: Instead of  cable use some special devices and applications like “boxee” or use this application- download it from Google play store you can do the same thing without wires for connecting your mobiles and televisions with tht e help of devices and apps.


 Here the simplest way for connecting your Android device to your Televiosion is buy a mini HDMI to HDMI cable.  Cost of this will comes around 6$ (approx). And  also you can have other way of connecting your devices to your TV  screen without wire. But the cost of this is little bit more compared to cable connection because the device costs . Most of the people  using Miracast or WiDi screencast standards ,which allow portable devices to run over the Wi-fi connection up to 1080p HD for videos. Some of  the devices  like Sony IM10 Miracast Wireless Display, Push2TV, ScreenBeam Pro Wireless Display Receiver,HTC Media Link HD.

Sony IM10 Miracast Wireless Display:

 micro cast wire less diaplay - sony

 IM10 Wireless Display is a new device recently announced by the SONY (click for more specification). Which allows  users to mirror their Android’s screen to their TV  with much easily.  This device is powered with the latest Miracast technology. This will allow the users to transfer their media files over a Wi-Fi connection from their Android mobile. Weight of this device will comes around 125 grams and it have the little dimensions for  easy transportation. It’s  attached with two ports, USB and HDMI. USB is used for the power supply and an HDMI port is used to connect the device to your TV. This device is not ready for sale right now, but it will be available for users globally in next couple of days. Hope you will enjoy it by connecting Television and Smart phones.


push 2 tv screen scource internet

Push2TV is Netgear’sproduct, this device also can mirror the screen of Android and iOS smartphones or tablets directly to a big screen TV. Users  will enjoy with easiness of transferring their media files directly to their TV. Push2TV allows users to mirror everything from their device to TV.

Advantage of this device is ,easily portable. Because of its weight it has only 95 grams and small dimensions. This small device also have a simple installation setup. The cost of this device is start from$59.99 order them in amazon .com

ScreenBeam Pro Wireless Display Receiver

 screen beam device to your television for windows

ScreenBeam Pro Wireless Display Receiver is a device , which can also easily mirror the screen of your Android device to any TV from your house easily. Users  can be able to transfer the videos that can run on HD, copy protected content to any projector or other display devices, which have an HDMI output port. The device is attached with  Intel’sWiDi and Miracast technology. These both are offers premium services. In that  Ultra-Low Delay features are implemented, which is used to reduce the latency of  Wi-fi. So that users can run games, apps smoothly without delays. Buy screenbeam  in Amazon


This device have a USB capability, over network. It will promote the users to connect  the  peripheral devices very easily. To continue the best quality of the transfer between mobile phones and Televisions, user should position their android device within the range of receiver and keep them placed within 30 feet. It is a tiny device and light weighted , you can use it everywhere and can also buy it from official website. It might have cost $69.99, Buy this device in ScreenBeam.  But  Unfortunately, this product is compatible with only some Android smartphones, such as HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4 / Note 2, Google Nexus 4  and  more.

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