Mobile application for Remote Access your computer

Remote accessing of computer brings the duplicate copy of our screen to someone else(partner), to solve problem from any nook and corner of the world. Many tools available on internet for remote access between two computers,Remote accessing is  made possible by connecting with our partner through partner ID and password. Once it is connected, remote access is made establish between the your partner, needs can be solved through it .

Many tools are available like GotomyPC , Ammyy, Team viewer to connect between our computers , Is there any possibility connect between Computers and Smart phones through remote access ?? This is made answer by  TEAM VIEWER mobile version , the computer screen can be shown in your mobile device , the entire PC can be accessed through mobile phone via team viewer mobile version.

Here I connect my personal computer and mobile through TEAM VIEWER MOBILE VERSION . Troubleshoot can be done through our mobile while the place computer cannot be accessed or used (while in travel) . The mobile version of team viewer bring the customer close to each other to solve their problems.

The mobile version is responsive to any kind of screen either is may be mobile phone or tabs . It fits in our screen and accessed easier to our device.


Here is some snapshots connection between my PC and Windows mobile via TEAM VIEWER

connect your computer between mobile through remote access

Type your Team Viewer partner ID in “TeamViewer ID” area to connect between your partner and access your computer through your mobile

team viewer mobile version download it

After team viewer ID it asks for partner PASSWORD to connect between them. Type the password which will be combination of alpha numeric.

team viewer mobile version guidelines to use them effectively

After the connection the guide line page displays to access the computer within your mobile device with finger mode instruction in it (right click ,left click, scrolling options) .

snap shot for connection through mobile phone and computer  via teamviewer

snap shot for connection through mobile phone and computer  via teamviewer

Here is a snapshot of  connected mobile phone and PC, download team viewer for Windows phone,  AndroidIOS, and quick support team helps us to  solve any kind of problem in chat mode its available for  ANDROID  & IOS.


You can place your custom design with your company name and phrase instead of  TEAM VIEWER name , you can use them for your company in a free mode . creation of our own console with our company name it  .

Use this link to create your CUSTOM DESIGN OF TEAM VIEWER (LINK) view the video for better knowing in connecting the mobiles phones and computer via teamiewer.


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