More interesting trend charts for the month September -2013

The Google trend search result for HTML,JAVA,SQL, PHP,.NET FRAMEWORK and JAVA SCRIPT is on top for past 117 months on Google trend by showing the better result for search . This shows that many peoples are interested in searching results for programming on Wikipedia. these results are been searched on Wikipedia for the month September.

See more about HTML page on wiki 


The Google trend result for Sports car:

Driving a car is one of the  most beautiful feel , In-case its an sports car the driving will be most amazing on roads. Mostly the sports car will be luxuries and costliest one. Owning sports car give’s an prestigious feel to the family. Many cars are been donated for the kids in California to  lead heir life.  If you are jealous in enough to donate old used cars  for kids , they will make money out of it to keed their life . Many childrens are educated in California  by donating a old cars. Many charity clubs in California welcoming people to donate their old cars to educate  a child, they feel extreme happy if a cars is donated for them. Donating a car leads to credit in tax amount (donate a car for tax credit)

Guides to donate a car for charity link 

Mostly cars like Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, Chevrolet Corvette, Porsche 911 getting more search when compared to BMW , AUDI, Benz cars of past month search in Google trends.  These three cars Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, Chevrolet Corvette, present on top 10 for past 117 months, this says that people are more interested in searching these cars on Google.

The Google trend result for Scientists:

The great scientist Einstein placed on top search on Google in scientist category  , over 117 months Einstein search is been on top 1st position. To know more about Einstein click  here, Many mpst important  discovery made by Einstein , he must be always placed on top position on scientist category during search. He made big revolution in physics [E=MC2] he got noble prize for this equation on 1921 and it is also called worlds most famous equation till now.

Einstein on WIKI

The Google trend result for SHOPPING – Retail companies:


  Amazon is on TOP off all retail companies in united stated of getting About 1,470,000,000 results on Google search.  Amazon is an worlds largest retailer with multi billion dollar company on online shopping. The company website  has the alexa rank of less than 10  , it is quietly very little bit grater than . Google has the rank 1 and amazon has the rank 8 on worldwide . when notable in united states it is in 5th position.

Amazon official website

The Google trend result for QUICK SERVICE RESTAURANT:




Pizza hut stands on first position on Google Trend it also stands on top 10 for past 117 months and FIVE GUYS is trending new to  Google trends with many are searching for it. explore FIVE GUYS.  And these are TRENDING Quick Service restaurant.


The Google trend result for CAR COMPANIES:

These TRENDING chat shows that FORD company has the highest value in trending result it even shows the highest search in cars. Ford Mustang has the highest search in Google. For the past few months in the category of  CAR COMPANY in Google trend , FORD is in FIRST POSITION with more than  870,000,000 results in Google search result. Following by Ford the company HONDA has the value of  78 out of 100 in Google trends. The company BMW has the value of 44 out of 100 in Google trends.

The Google trend result for BUSINESS PEOPLE:


All the most business people in united states is made listed in Google trends.  The most youngest business is made listed in 11 position of Google trends is internet entrepreneur  Mark Zuckerberg , and followed by only women who is listed in top position for the category of Business people is oprah Winfrey [ Oprah Gail Winfrey is an American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist, more on wiki ].

Oprah Gail Winfrey is always on top  on Google trends for category of business people from January of this year (2013).   bill gates  Facebook page , Remembering Steve page



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