Nexus 5 for few minutes in GOOGLE PLAY

nexus  5 rumor mobile here is a pictures source google

GOOGLE NEXUS 5 on Google play store for few minutes, have you heard.

Past few days  there are many rumour belongs to GOOGLE NEXUS 5 mobile about its in size, texture, color, operating systems and praises in inda and about preorder. Already devices like NEXUS 7 tablets,  NEXUS 10 is displayed in Google play store in devices category.

The device is displayed in Google play store for a short period and replaced with NEXUS 4 , this creates more curiosity about the mobile. The listing displayed with the price tag of 349$ for 16 GB mobile and no other information in known when this is been released officially on the store. This release is can be of  official or an accidental mode but it  bring curiosity for buying NEXUS mobiles.

There are about 10 millions of  post launched on internet about saying NEXUS 5 MOBILES is in Google Store  few minutes and replaced with NEXUS 4 MOBILE , This error occurred in united state version of play stores. The price of the model is only an rumour till the official [long time placement in Google store] . The small error makes big thing on internet about the topic,  its creates curiosity on NEXUS mobiles.

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nexus 5 mobiles on internet - google play store

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