Its now the holiday time to enjoy to your core, and now its the special surprise released by the Walt display as they said before when the launch of Apple Pay during the iphone 6 / iphone 6+ launch event. They had mentioned a word in the webpage of disney have a look  and it came true by start of  this week. Many of the Disney world guest all about carrying iphone 6/iphone 6+ so to make use of this and holiday they implemented the wireless payment system i.e the  guest can pay their payment in apple pay or else in Google Wallet. It sounds good for all the guest  in the Disney.


The Guest must seek for “EMVCo symbol” similar to WiFi strength symbol if not you get click here to see how it will be. The separate payment system is made for all non contact less payments users, so the guest need to do only one thing they should seek for  “EMVCo symbol” near by to pay payments after they purchase. The contact-less payments system can accept Apple pay, Google wallet and other contact-less cards.

The disney says “Leveraging the RFID infrastructure deployed as part of MyMagic+Walt Disney World will also accept other contactless payments, such as Google Wallet and contactless RFID credit cards. ” this roll out will cover basic most stores, quick restaurants, bars, and any location that includes payment terminals. where the table service restaurants will be added later for the wireless payment service.

This is been implemented in all over DISNEY plant as wireless payment method to make Guest as to carry cash less everywhere and enjoy this holiday season.  The Disney is the only company which accept the Apple pay soon as it launch on October to all the retail store and sub stores and now it is been spread to all stores  all over the world. If it doesn’t in your near by store soon it will be there in the beginning of  2015.

Note:  The online store is not filled with Apple pay or Google wallet it will be updated soon in the start of 2015 so in the mid all the Disney products can be purchased with Apple pay / Google wallet.   Hope so get them soon. for more info look for Mashable and Disney page.

Here is the video of CNBC that Apple pay is been introducing in DISNEY – talk by DISNEY CFO

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