We had figured out many many Trick on Google inside search in techmaza here is a new trick about finding nutritional facts on inside search. As said in Google blog the inside search is with now 1000’s of fruit, vegetable, meals, meats Nutritional Information. The new improved “INSIDE SEARCH ” balances your daily life with good nutritional foods. With in a single phrase you can find your nutritional values for your daily routine for example search ” how much calories does popcorn have”. The image below displays the caloric value of popcorn.

popcorn caloric value per 100 grams

The above mentioned is general one about popcorn this can be even searched more particulars like “calcium in apple”, “potassium in banana”. The caloric value will be displayed in two categories (Type and Quantity), The type is mentioned as the nutritious in particulars and Quantity differs such as cup size, chopped non chopped, sliced, for particular grams.

The result can be found even in your hand phone device via voice search. This is beginning stage so only the language English is been integrated over time with lot of updates many languages will be added to it. Launch Google now in phone speak to your microphone ask for calories to maintain the day get the result in a spin make your day with more conscious with  limited calories when you are not upto.

corn calorie/nutritious value

Here are some examples:

1. If you re tempted to eat strawberry sundae with your loved once – tap your Google now ask for “Calories in strawberry sundae” Google inside displays your answer before ordering the food check for it and have a plan accordingly. [Hint: 268 calories for one full 158 gms]

2. If you are seeking for sugarless day check for the phrase with the prefix of “sugar” and continue your result. If i check for “sugar in apple juice” the inside will be displaying result with amount of sugar in apple juice so you can plan/calculate your day with sugarless. [10g/100g of sugar in pure apple juice]

3. If you are diet conscious to have a corn for this day open Google inside speak out “calories in corn” the result will be displayed before your eyes so plan accordingly, so the day beings with good dieting. [calories in corn: 365 calories / 100 grams]

coffee nutrients value

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