Play Nonstop videos form youtube

We all will visit YOUTUBE channel for seeing videos and we  pleasure on it , but it stops after every video in played . How to play an non stop  video in YouTube   ??  This question can be answered by “muzicgenie” .

Play videos form YouTube  in a playlist format , search music videos in search bar (Left side on an window) . create playlist  add song to playlist,  play videos in a continue format (playlist) temporary playlist  is created to play a song.


Search for a song in MUZICGENIE,  related songs you  made searched is displayed in a certain portion to play a song  in a queue format. Many rooms are divided in search portion while we search for new topics , the old result of searched song goes  down and give space for new result when it is searched . Try your own playlist with related songs for continue playing ,

muxicgenie techmaza snapshot

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