How to protect yourself from internet while browsing using Disconnect?

In Internet you Know how many websites know about you ?. Do you wanna know who are all snooping up your information?. If you are really excited to know about this. Here is the Solution for you “Disconnect plugin”. Disconnect is an opensource extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Which can be used not only to speed up your Web browsing but also make it safe, secure and private. It looks nice, has great features and doesn’t really have a price tag: feel free to pay for what you think it is worth. So,It is Free. Click down to download to your browser.

disconnect plugin for chrome and mobiles and tablets.


Upon installing Disconnect, a new toolbar button will appear on your browser. The button will display a small green box which shows you the total number of tracking requests on every single page you go to, something looks like this



Websites do more than what you just see it as doing, they track you & your browsing history, your physical location, etc. You can view what each website is doing by clicking on the Disconnect button and viewing a list of all the current activities coming from the website either to or from other websites. Green means the requests are blocked. Gray means they’re unblocked. You may click any icon or check box to block or unblock requests.


The visualization view gives you simple explanation of how that particular website is linked to other websites or services in the form of a visual graph of the websites.

Disconnect Visual View

Here is video about Disconnect how it works. Thanks for Disconnect sharing this video in YouTube. The Video Explains hw to check with website and Disconnect  with full visual graph method.

Do You want to know how to install Disconnect in your Chrome Browsers?

  • Visit the Chrome Web Store. You can also get there by clicking the Chrome Web Store icon  in the Apps shortcut  on the bookmarks toolbar.
  • Find the Disconnect extension from this link ( )
  • Click Add to grant the extension access to the data described and install the extension.
  • You’ll see its icon appear to the right of the address bar. To Start using it, just Click the Icon.

Pros & Cons of Disconnect Plugin:

  • Detailed and organized list view for easy reading.
  • Visualization page: A simple graph that shows you which websites are taking and sending information.
  • The ability to white list/black list websites and web apps.
  • Common tracking sites – Facebook, Google, and Twitter – are shown separately to make them easy to block or unblock. Click any icon to block or unblock a site.
  • The Creator claims that Disconnect will speed up your connection by 27% which, but most of the time it is a little below 27%, but it isn’t that big of a deal.

Overall, Disconnect is a great way to protect your online accounts, your computer, your privacy and also prevents against certain malware. So, try it by yourself and feel the difference in the internet.

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