The toq is kind of Smart Watch released by Qualcomm. When you are a kid you used to buy a toy Watch which is having some text like picture or images etc., But now it become true with the help of Toq Smart Watch. Through this Wrist watch you can communicate with your Android mobile. Do you want to know more about Toq? Then go through the article….


Qualcomm Toq (just pronounced as “talk”) is used to communicate with your Android version 4.0 or higher Smart phones. With the help of Bluetooth the mobile and Toq can be synchronized. It acts as a another screen for your android. To manage the appearance and notification in your Watch you need to Download Toq App freely from Google play store.

Toq Smart Watch helps you to accept or reject phone calls even from your Smart Watch itself. You don’t need to take mobile phones from your wallet and all. Apart from this you can see the messages, meeting remainder or other Notifications which are received by your Smart phones. Instead of looking your mobiles to get Notification just see your Toq Watch.


In addition to this the Smart Watch has a Weather, Stock, Calendar reminders and you can also play Music player via Smart Watch. To hear a song  you are provided with a Qualcomm Toq Headset which tracks play from your Android mobile. It is completely wireless and there is no wire between the two optional headset.


Normally the watch shows you the time and the weather, If you want to hear music or navigate through other options just Tap the strap(wrist band) i.e. bottom of the time you will get a menu. From that you can tap or swipe to navigate between menu. If you want to come back to normal time screen then again tap wrist band. At the bottom your time screen you can able to see a grey color portion, Just swipe that to change the design of your time screen. And tap on the top of the strap to turn on the backlight.

Qualcomm has a Mirasol Display(wiki) which is like a E-Ink Display ( Which is used for low consumption of Battery). So it has a good Battery power,  the Battery will remain up to 4 days and it is rechargeable. And another great thing about Toq is, It has a Wireless charger instead they use touching Technology. Just you need to place the Watch at the stand (which is given to you while purchasing). You need to plug-in the outlet.

Qualcomm-Toq smart watch with great technology

Once you downloaded the App you can choose type of that  notification that can be send or not. You can able to respond to your call even when you are busy because you are having some preset messages like “I will call you back”. But through this Toq Smart Watch you can’t make outgoing call. And one more thing you need to cut the watch by yourself to make the Watch Fit to you.

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