Quickly share the files just drag and drop from your desktop (cloud up )

CloudUp” is a simple application and it is also an useful tools for windows and mac user can easily share their documents,pictures,videos,musics and even folders on cloud very quickly.

It is very simply to use!

You can just select and drag your particular files to CloudUp icon which is placed on your task bar on windows or menu-bar on mac, they will flash it to the cloud  instantly. Not only files, you can send folders too. All you need to do is you want to just drag and drop those on CloudUp icon, it will immediately flash it with cloud on single drop

Cloudup- Easy tool to share with cloud`

Not only files even you can share links for uploaded files through IM chats,messengers,text messages, or any other social sites,its really amazing to do this.  It automatically generates URL while uploading on background. So there is no necessary to wait til it uploads to your drive.

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Those files on cloud can be keep as an private or public. Option is yours. But on private your files will be secret no one can hi-jack it at the same time you can generate public URL also, which can be viewed or downloaded by other peoples too.

upload files

It can be slow to new user for signup through application but you can use alternative to signup through this link inorder to kill the waiting time.

Not only cloudup app does the same thing there are also similar app that could do the same process like drop and drag like functions. There’s “Droplr“(available for both Windows and Mac) and “CloudApp” (Mac only). But these app has some restrictions like premium user and free user.

Easy tool to share with cloud

Cloud App lets you share up to 10 files a day and the maximum size of a file can be 25 MB. Droplr offers 1 GB of storage and the limit is 25 MB per upload. CloudUp is more generous – you can upload up to 1,000 files and the maximum size of files can be up to 100 MB each.

cloud-computing - Easy tool to share with cloud

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