Read QR code on web images

We use QR code for many purpose , Creating URL, Using it for business cards, Identifying Google places, unique code for discount options etc. we have encryption and decryption tool  for QR code readers, we use QUICKMARK  tool for reading QR code in your computer and QR Droid for our smart phones .

These applications help us in creating unique QR code in their format and they are useful in many areas. How to read QR code in web images.

#Option1 :

QUCIKMARK help’s us in reading the character encrypted in unique QR code. Download the application use the transparency area  hover them on a image containing QR code , click OK button the encrypted message in QR code  displays in a box. the result can be of any type link , code or even message on QR code. To download QUICKMARK  use this link (download quickmark).



  Use chrome plugin ” Read QR code from image ” . Install them in your chrome browser and read web image QR code through this plugin – it access very faster in reading any complex QR CODES in web image  hover your mouse on image containing QR code right click and choose “read QR code form image”  it Decrypt the content in QR code and launch it for website.  It directly takes us to the respective site encrypted in it.  The fine result opens in new tab , the error result display in a small information box with the message  [than just click ok to copy it to clipboard].

Here is an example of using  ” read QR code from image” chrome plugin  download it from chrome store or use this link (install read QR code form image).

Get more info on TWITTER about this chrome plugin , You can even write REVIEW for this plugin using this link [ WRITE Review for READ QR CODE FORM IMAGES ].

read qr code from web images - using chrome pluign "read QR code from image"

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