The new revolution begins in smart phone  camera with 41 mega pixel in nokia lumia 1020 , know more in NOKIA SITE

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Nokia lumia 1020  – made released on  June 11  in NEWYORK city

WINDOWS PHONE APP STUDIO – Beta version YouTube video tutorials

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four steps in creating an for windows 8 easier app

There is  a stress free for developers, students, to create an application for windows 8 with windows phone app studio (Beta version) . Microsoft released this platform last week to develop application for windows 8 very easily to satisfy our needs by

17 Ways to Earn Money Online from Home Without Investment

You’re awesome, you have reached the page where you can earn money online without any investment. It post will be good read for Students, Freshers, Home makers and those who are looking for Freelance.  Let get into the way’s of earning online without any investment required.

Here, I could

Top iOS & Android – 20 Apps for 2019

The significance of mobile applications in our everyday life and activities became irresistible. This is because of the fact that the transformation created by the mobiles. Mobiles are no more just communication devices. Mobile and applications are just indispensable Individuals, business and for many other purposes.

 As needs and

How to Add Music to Google Slides Presentation?


I am going to discuss on how to add music to google slides Presentation? . Google has changed our lives. Google has given a lot that makes our life and works easy. Laymen say that a Google knows everything. You might have seen saying the following. “Unless your

How to Earn Tron on Windows Desktop?


How to earn Tron in windows. Countries and people around the world wish to be independent. They do not want to depend on anybody for anything. This makes humans strive for a freedom in everything they come across.

When it comes to data we depend on YouTube, Amazon

How to Mastering in Apple Message Tips

How to Mastering in Apple Message Tips, Have you ever wondered seeing another person doing stuffs that are cool and amazing? The shortcuts they follow, they tricks they use make us go mad and sometimes even frustrated. They will challenge us everywhere. They used to be fast in all …


How to get IGTV for desktop?

Download IGTV for desktop

IGTV for Desktop?, The world of videos and photos is now within an application. It is waiting for us to be all available anytime. It is none other than Instagram.  It can be called as a newly formed society with friends and family

Instagram is Building a Standalone APP for Shopping (IG Shopping App)

Instagram is Building a Standalone APP for Shopping (IG Shopping App)


A very new app is going to hit the market very soon. It is a shopping app. There are many other shopping apps in the present market. But this is surely going to be special. It is because

How to place Google Drive files on your Android Phone home screen for quick access  

How to place Google Drive files on your Android Phone home screen for quick access ?, we could have crossed this situation many times – searching for an article deep into Google drive  – here comes the solution for it, never spend too of much of time searching for …

The Best Viber Video Call Tricks 2018

Viber Video call tricks, Video chat is a one-on-one visual communication between two Internet users. It lets any two people around the globe to place a video call to each other. For this, all they need is a computer, a video call application, and a good Internet connection.


2018 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet

Social Media Image Resolutions (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest), Images are the best way to communicate. It is the best way to express one’s emotions. One picture can explain more than a million words. The social media is ruling the world. The reason is that they have the feature

How to Transcribe Video or Audio to Text | Google Speech Recognition

How to Transcribe Video or Audio to Text | Google Speech Recognition, It is all been a difficult task until today to transcribe video and audio to text.  There are many paid tools online to convert your audio or video to text format. This post will provide you with …


How to Download IGTV for Windows or Mac Desktop PC?Instagram, whose rival is YouTube has just now launched its own IGTV platform. The IGTV platform is more similar to Instagram. The only contrasting factor is that this platform is mainly used for video sharing. The major …

How to Earn from Instagram’s the new IGTV ?

What is IGTV: Instagram’s latest video platform, Get IGTV for Desktop, Earn from IGTV Instagram has very recently launched a new video streaming App called IGTV on 20th of June this year, the long video streaming platform – many discussions on the internet regarding it will be a …

How to Open .MKV, .APE, .AVI, .RMVB and .SWF files on iphone

Few files cannot be accessed or opened on iphone/iOS, here comes the trick to access these common files on your iphone. Here my own experiences speak to access .MK, .APE, .AVI, .RMVB and .SWF files to iOS. There are tons of videos flooded on Youtube about this trick but …


We discussed on the Last post about “How to Buy Bitcoin in India and legal”  and here I’m sharing to how to mine bitcoin very easily from your laptop. As I researched, I found a very easy and simple to mine bitcoin from your laptop/desktop Computers. If

5 Video Editing Tools To Try in 2018

 5 Video Editing Tools To Try in 2018: “A  Picture  speaks  more  than  a  thousand  words.” This  is  true  in  this  current  techno-geeky  world. The  number  of  people  viewing  videos  is  substantially  increasing  day-by-day. This  is  because  people  actually  feel  it  easier  to  learn  through  video  tutorials  rather  


Google  Chromecast  2  in  India

Have  you  ever  imagined  of  viewing  your  small  phone  screen  on  a  large  TV  screen? Or  would  you  miss  a  chance  to  rehearse  your  much  awaited  Keynote  presentation  that  might  spring  bound  your  career  in  a  large  screen  as  you  would  do  in  your