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In this technology world all are using mobile phones in  their day today life. Mobile phone is the most important electronic gadget which holds your contacts, text messages, email, personal photos etc. So that you would not like anyone to see your personal  informations. As it is compact in size there is a chance of losing it and our personal informations may be stolen.

There are a many type of security apps available in the Google play store that can help you to secure your Android phone and also it offers the option that can be help to find the stolen device. The most popular Lookout app is used to find the location of a lost mobile phone. But now Android Device Manager is available. In older versions of Android the Lookout is skipped but the Android Device manager can be used.

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      # The Android device Manager  have the list of the Android Mobile Phones and tablets which are connected to your Google Account and it helps you to locate them on a Google Map. If  your has been lost you can use the web browsers with custom pin which deletes the data permanently that are available in your phone

Android Device Manager needs the device be in online that can be connected using mobile data or Wi-Fi to the remotely ring, lock or can erase the phone. There are apps like PREY and Where’s my Droid app that can lead you to send commands to your phones through text message.

In some cases , an SMS command like GO PREY can be send to your   stolen phone from any other mobile phone  which makes the phone to ring and will record its geo location  and also it can take a picture using  front camera. And you will lock your phone, erase the personal data, display system notification or capture the picture through commands sent through the text messages.


The Prey and Where’s My Droid  App is configured to send the SMS alerts to another number while someone want to change  the existing SIM card of your phone. But you should also activate the SIM lock on your Android phone and then the password  is needed whenever the device is powered  on. If you are charging your cell phone at a public station, you want to watch the device all the time. Solution for this is you can activate the Anti theft Alarm app and you can feel relax. The app will give the siren sound if someone disconnects the charger from your phone and continuously your phone screen will flash until you enter the correct pin. There will be a n alert if a mobile phone is moved from the original position to few inches.

      # LockWatch is the another Android App ,which records the location of the mobile phone and take the picture with the help of front camera while someone want to unlock the phone by entering  wrong pins or password. This information will send to your email id and silently it will happens so that  the criminal is unaware of  being recorded.

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In the case of  losing your mobile phone IMEI number help us to find it. It should be kept somewhere for the future purpose. It can be found by dialling  *#06# . wW can also uses the SIM reader app help us to save the device and the sim information in email.

      # Skip Lock app which is used to make ease of use when we are using more complex passwords to login  every time. It can be used both online ,offline. But it is not available in Google play store. You can download the APK files from the unknown sources to install it  in your phone.

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