Advertisements are great way for websites to earn money for their operation costs. In case of  YouTube when the adds popout, its not an issues but if we want to see an desired video we must wait for 30 – 40 seconds. This will be very frustration when there is no “SKIP ADD” in YouTube video.  This can be avoided in many ways as like Add on’s (EXTENSIONS) for chrome or websites to block these advertisements.


1. Ad Block for YouTube:

This is an the way to lock the pre loaded adds to be viewed in YouTube. This Extension helps to all YouTube loves to enjoy their video without any adds in between or in prefix. Download this Extension from chrome store by searching “Ad Block for YouTube” or click here to install them directly to your browser from chrome store.   This Extension will get only activated for YouTube site for other case it will be in disable mode.

ad blocker for youtube for free

ad blocker for youtube chrome extension

2. Ad block for website / YouTube:

This Extension works fine for all website not only in YouTube it blocks all the adds displayed in other general websites (Facebook, HULU, way2sms) it also helps in other hand of saving the data from your prepaid. Mostly the extension will be in disable mode only when the advertisement appears the extension will enables and stop the advertisement  before it preloaded. Install this extension in your chrome store by searching this “Ad block” or click here to install them directly to your browser from chrome store. Below the images shows clearly about this Extension. For more information check for cnet page.

chrome adds blockler for all kind of websites and youtube adds blockerq chrome adds blockler for all kind of websites


1. View pure for YouTube:

In case if the user cant download and install the extension for chrome in case it is been blocked by the administrator, here is an solution for them view pure will help them in viewing the YouTube video with zero add. The only thing to do is copy the desired YouTube URL and paste them in  viewpure for an example check the image below. viewpure displays the YouTube video in theater mode

view pure for youtube to play the video in theater mode

2. Tube chop for YouTube:

This Tubechop is as like  viewpure but with some extra features in it. Tubechop allows to chop the particular portion of  your desired video and the selected portion can be embedded in the code to any site or the link is been provided by tubechop to see the chopped video. The player/ controls used in the Tubechop is totally a different one than compared to YouTube player (Tubechop use flash to control the videos). Below image represents the clipping portion of TubeChop website. It works really easy to cut the desired part in YouTube and share them in our site. You can also see how to do this chopping technique in YouTube player.

tube chop videos to chop the controller in youtueb and play them the desired part

Here the blocking of adds for general websites and YouTube is been explained use these extensions and website to see your YouTube better without any advertisements and general websites without any advertisements using of these extensions and website will reduce the data used in internet prepaid balance.  You can also how to reduce the data in windows phone while we search.

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