This gesture is based on the note taking for iOS. Already we have the simplenote, evernote and so on. Now iOS introduces the new app called Gesture app for note taking which is even more better then the app mentioned above. The development agency called Denver-based agency form a beautiful app for iPhone/iOS.



gesture styles on smart phones to be used on them

Working of Gesture App:

This app is very simple thing to take the notes. When compared with the Evernote taker, it is very pretend to use. It is  more interactive, works in order to the day wise. You create a new note by pull down your screen and select the various color for your note. You can also store or tag the multiple notes, just swiping to see the various pieces and pinch it in the group together.

If you want to delete the just drag your fingers towards left and it will delete automatically. You may share some specific notes by your message, email or you can copy the contents to your in mail box to insert the another application. Normally you won’t move slowly, if you have the note taking tool. You can download the App for free now. In between , you may listen and read a care about the app with the design process.

 gesture styles on smart phones to be used on them with sample pics on ipad

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