lemon and google wallet - to minimize your physical wallet use these methods

Wallet is the place where we can store your money and moreover your credit card, debit card, License, Insurance card, Id card or anything else. If today you are going for shopping and while paying bill you see that your Wallet is missing, that contain all your cash and cards. Now what will you do??,  No worries there are many wallet services  provides a transaction through mobiles by means of some Apps, Here are some of the Wallet services  which slims your wallet form your pocket by reducing currency notes.



Google Wallet is developed by Google and it is a mobile payment system. That is your credit card or any other loyalty card can be store in our mobile. These cards can be stored by use of Google Wallet App. You can download it from Play Store or directly from that wallet site. Once if you downloaded you can add your card to your mobile and then you can pay the bill by simply tapping the mobile phones because it uses  Near Field Communication(NFC) , NFC Forum discuss your doubts.

Google Wallet Mobile App is like a Virtual Wallet. It provide a safe and secure payment. It is used not only in the time where the Wallet lost and also to store our payment information and the history.

Google-Wallet logo from google images source

This App allow you to link a Bank Account to Wallet App by clicking Add a Bank account in your mobile. Once if you associated with bank account this money will be add to your Wallet Balance and money can be send to your friends and Family. Before linking Bank Account the App checks whether account is conformed by their name , For that the Bank need to supports you.

The money can be send to your friends by just Gmail from Wallet Balance, Use Attach money option in Gmail. You will get this Attach money option if you install Wallet App.  It is free to send money through Wallet Balance. You can also able to receive money in to Balance and it can be accessed quickly by means of Google Wallet Card. You will get a instant notification when money is sent or received to your mobiles.


Google Wallet Card can be requested from your mobile App or through sites. These cards are used to access Wallet Balance and it can be used in a place wherever master card is accepted. This card can be used instead of debit cards. This App supports in the Non NFC devices like Android 2.3 and higher versions, iOS 6 and higher. And also supports in NFC enabled mobiles and Tablets. *Use US based SIM cards. This is YouTube is uploaded by DisneyPark1.


lemon wallet service in your smart phone

Lemon Wallet (Convenient. Connected. Secure. ) is the cloud based digital Wallet that is it stores the digital copy of credit cards, debit cards or any other cards. By use of OCR technique (scanned or photoed image of typewritten or printed text into machine-encoded) stores the information of different cards like Insurance or Id card.

Lemon Wallet App is the one of the easiest way to store the information of your card in to the mobile. Download this App form Play Store or from lemon site and is available for both Android and iphone. Once if you install this App you add the detail of cards, It provides the backup of all your cards. So you can enjoy shopping even if you forgotten Wallet. For payment just tap your card and enter the PIN now you are ready to go.

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