Smartur Mangalyaan | Selfie with Mangalyan

Her is a peroud Application created by two Hyderabad startups to take selfie with Mangalyan the space ship. This application creates an 3 Dimensional view of Mangalyan spaceship it is to be landed at Mars the red planet on September 24th.

The Application Smartur Mangalyaan Supports Android and IOS and it is downloadable for free their respective play stores alies “Smartur Mangalyaan“. This Application makes to view of PSLV and PSLV Anim rocket in 3 Dimension with their working.

The selfie can be taken with these rockets and devices like camera, image collector, Mars orbit appeared in the list by switching on Front camera. The more styles of selfies can be taken with PSLV rockets “just like holding in hand”. This Application makes the Students to learn and study about Mangalyan and its working process. Here is the video of Smartur Mangalyaan Application how to work with it. Thanks for IBNLive for sharing this video on YouTube.

To make this Application to run as perfect the marker must be needed. The combination of Marker and Smartur Mangalyaan creates an 3 Dimensional effect of PSLV and other objects rocket as like picture mentioned below. The marker is like a multi dimensional QR code to operate a Smartur Mangalyaan Application in a 3 dimensional manner. This application creates a better learning about our PSLV Mangalyan, solar planets and orbits. Go for download button below to download Marker in your computer printout them and use for better Appearance of 3D on Mangalyan using of marker is explained in video.

Gallery of Smartur Mangalyaan:

How to use marker in Smartur Mangalyaan:

Download Marker by hitting this download button, download it, print it in a color, place it on a table, open Smartur Mangalyaan Application scan the Marker to see Orbits, Rockets as 3D Dimensional view as seen is above pictures.

Download-marker for Smartur Mangalyaan application


How to use marker in Smartur Mangalyaan:

Run the Application choose Manual Option -> Choose rocket or any other device from the list. Switch the camera (from back camera to front camera ) to take a selfie or choose flip camera option in Smartur Mangalyaan. Give  a pose accordingly to the device chosen from the list click the camera button.  Now the selfie is ready share it on social media




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