2018 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet

Social Media Image Resolutions (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest), Images are the best way to communicate. It is the best way to express one’s emotions. One picture can explain more than a million words. The social media is ruling the world. The reason is that they have the feature to share pictures. Great isn’t?

Images are powerful, to lead a protest, to decide to know and to follow. Everybody wants to have a great picture for your social media. You want to make it special and wonderful. Let us talk about it today. A great picture! How should that be? I think we should start with Facebook.

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Facebook Image Resolution
Facebook Image Resolution

Facebook Image Size:

Facebook associates individuals everywhere throughout the world, making the Earth a very small place. This monster was introduced by Mark Zuckerberg and his companions at HarvardFacebook Image Resolution


Facebook Image Size:

Cover Photo: 820 x 310 is the largest photo in the Facebook. You can find it at the top of your profile.  This cover photo is a public photo. Anyone can see this cover photo just like your profile picture.

Apps thumbnail: 140x 74 is the image representation of a larger image in a very small form. An image is more reliable and easy to manage things.

Photo thumbnail: 150 x 150 it is as same as the app thumbnail. The difference is the thumbnail of a photo whereas the app as its own picture.

Profile Photo: 32 x 32 Picture that appears near the feed and makes it easy to find who has shared it

Display Picture: 160 x 160- This picture can be found near your name. It tells who you are.

Shared Image: 1200 x 630- You can have lots of friends. And they would share images across.

Highlighted Image: 1200 x 770 – You might have come across posts wherein the right- top corner there will be a ribbon-like mark with a star on it.

Event Image: 1920 x 1080- An event photo is of high importance. You would feel to reach your targeted audience anyhow. Thus, it has to be different. So follow the ultimate event image size.

Facebook ad: 100 x 72 – It is probably the tiniest. Still, you can make it distinct so that people’s eye will never swirl away without a look.


Twitter Image Resolution
Twitter Image Resolution

Twitter Image Size:

Twitter rolled out a new design for profiles, which is available for all profiles now. Again, the cover photo size has increased, and we are seeing this a lot as all social networks are focusing on large visuals.  Twitter Image Resolution

Display image: 400 x 400 is the new profile photo size. You have to upload a picture with a 2x size. This will save the quality of the picture. When you click the profile picture, it pops up in a window with a size close to or more than 450x450px.

Header Image: 1500 x 1500 is one of the most important features. The maximum file size of the Header image is 5MB. You can update your header image from the top drop-down menu.

Shared Image: 590 x 295: When Twitter first launched it was just 160 characters. Now users can upload images with this great size.


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LinkedIn Image Resolution
LinkedIn Image Resolution


LinkedIn Image Size:

LinkedIn is a place where professionals hang out and as professional yourself, you need to showcase your products or service in the best manner. LinkedIn Image Resolution

Logo: 100px x 60px, 50px x 50px– You might have understood that there are two types of logos. The first one is the horizontal logo and the second one is the square logo. The resolutions will set in respectively.

Banner Image: The company page has a banner image or cover image under the logo which is 646px x 220px.

Careers Page: The company page has a job section to post job openings. The cover photo size of careers section is 974px x 238px.

Products & Services Page: The products and services’ tab on the company page has covered photo size i.e.  646px x 220px.


YouTube Image resolution
YouTube Image resolution


YouTube Image Size:

  • The cover art size is 2560px x 1440px.
  • The Profile Picture size is 160px x 160px.
  • Timeline Profile Picture size is 32px x 32px.
  • Shared image size is 403px x 403px.
  • Shared Linked Preview is 156px x 116px.
  • Event photo is 1920px x 1080px.
  • Highlighted Post size is 843px x 403px.
  • News feed profile picture size is 50px x 50px.
  • Page Ad Profile Picture size is 50px x 50px.
  • Page post ad image size is 90px x 118px.
  • Sponsored story Fan Picture size is 50px x 50px.

The above are the most important resolutions that you would be using then and there in your usual use. YouTube Image Resolution


Pinterest Image Resolution
Pinterest Image Resolution


Pinterest Image Size:

Pinterest survives and makes others survive only through images. The images are more public. Pinterest Image Resolution

Profile Photo: Pinterest profile photo size is 160px x 165px; you can upload either logos or headshot here.

Pinterest Boards Thumbnail: Pinterest boards have small cover photo, which is 225px x 150px in size.

Enlarged Pin: Individual Pinterest pins are unique as they offer indefinite length; the image size is 500px x indefinite px.

Knowing the ultimate image resolution, you can keep your audience intact. It makes your images perfect. You can be the master of the visual representing word.


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