Its really interesting while you search in BING now. Do you know why? Bing gives solution for the above answer yeah, now Bing accept the emoji while you search via mobile you can add emoji instead you type the word for example for happy your can use ” ” instead of typing Happy, down you have an example. This is very useful useful if you don’t know the spelling for a particular sentence or how to meant it.

For ex: How to be happy? or How to be  ☺ ?

you can any of the method in Bing while you search, Now it does supports all emoji ad said in Bing official blog page. Because the Emoji is been an important  role while you chat, it describes your mood in conversation.  So, the bing adds them in search to give result as like you type in chat. For example i mentioned above how to be happy phrase to be searched in BING.

Adding Emoji while you text it gives really a easy to type instead of typing a whole phrase just an smiley with combination of words to get the easily. If we desn’t know the exact spelling the just using of smiley s pretty good.

For ex: For sparkles use this emoji “✨” instead of typing a word with misspelling.

In desktop version:  Choose the browser which supports the emoji as a default Apple safari support  emoji but chrome doesn’t support emoji as a default   add Emoji input by clicking this link or type ” Emoji input ” in chrome store add them in chrome browser while typing in bing just add emoji for a simple and refined search.

# Here is image that represents the search of FUJI APPLE. Instead of typing a word just an emoji representation quite enough to get a result. Here is the image by bing displayed in official about emoji search.

emoji search in bing - fuji apple
Emoji search in bing – fuji apple

# Here is the image that represents about the emoji in-case if you forget any of the name put an emoji in bing search the result will be appeared for that emoji. For example if your forget the name called Tsunami just put a emoji of long waves “

emoji search in bing for narutomaki - tsunami - dango
emoji search in bing for narutomaki – tsunami – dango

Here are some questions that refined the search with emoji copy paste this phrase and have exciting results in bing.

Emoji symbol to be used in BING

Copy paste this in bing get exciting and refined results  with emoji. Using emoji will reduce the time in searching of topic in Bing. Use these techniques and search effectively in bing search. Thus I hope this techniques make you to learn something new for searching in Bing. To know more about Emoji Click here.

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