Spending more time on social networking site!


We come online to check mail, but we get diverted and stick  into social media’s in checking  updates,likes and comments .  If you are in this case this application “ Time Wrap”  chrome plugin ,will help you to do things right without wasting much in social networking sites .

time wrap application used to schedule the timing between your websites

It has ONLY threes options in TIME WRAP :

1.Redirect :

It will redirect you form one site to another site with in the browser option, It never goes to the target page if you redirected it to another one . By this we can prevent opening of unwanted sites which drinks your time  . Redirect can be done easier by just pasting weblink in text boxes [ From site and Destination site ] on redirect option.


Its like blocking of  an site with quote you enable in it – If you like to  display a quote  on a  webpage in your browser “IT WILL DRINK YOUR TIME” type a message like this – so it can be like prier notice to avoid this site and concentrate on your without draining of time in this website .

3.Timer only:

It never performs anything in webpage except running time in your page , It will show timing you were presented  in that website . But in many apps timer will comes to zero(reset) if page is refreshed but in this app it never comes to zero still we close the website . The website name should mentioned  for running timer app

time wrap appliaiton free downlad from chromeq

This is an healthy app  in chrome which prevents you form draining of time in unwanted websites. This video will show the working of an TIME WRAP Chrome plug .  download TIMEWRAP for Chrome


 TIMEWRAP application in website snapshot

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