5 tips on blogging - better option

Do you want to be the best blogger in the world then it’s better to learn the mistakes from others. If you avoid your mistakes then you can be sure that you are close to your vision or success. Here are some tips to avoid mistakes on blogging.

  •  Before starting your blog don’t forget to search about the best bloggers and worst bloggers (follow best blogs).
  •  Don’t forget to think about your surroundings and adapt to it and then start your blog (clear mind).
  •  Your title must be different and attractive (unique).
  •  Your blog must be UNIQUE, Search from Google and try to know about others blogs – use similar search method (find).
  •  Don’t copy and paste from others (from similar blogs to your search ).
  •  Don’t start your blog without having a clear plan. You must know about your destination (goal).
  •  If you are a part of a team, don’t forget to communicate with your friends (team work).
  •  Try to upload your blog frequently(keep it fresh).
  •  Be creative and try to give your opinion to the readers (guides).
  •  Your writing style must be different. Make your blog to be more interesting to attract the readers (impress).
  •  Don’t forget to give examples and tags ( better understand).
  •  Don’t forget to give a good conclusion on your topic (good start and end).
  •  Try to spread your blogs and new updates (social media it).
  •  Don’t forget to ENCOURAGE COMMENTS from your blog readers. Reply & appreciate them for queries (response).

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