Read QR code on web images

We use QR code for many purpose , Creating URL, Using it for business cards, Identifying Google places, unique code for discount options etc. we have encryption and decryption tool  for QR code readers, we use QUICKMARK  tool for reading QR code in your 

How QR code helps in GOOGLE MAPS!!

Many drivein locations , Restaurants , ATM centres made accessed by Google maps to find them very easily. Even planning for picnic spot to a new location which you  never met before is made easy by GOOGLE MAPS navigation.

How does QR code helps in Google Maps in finding

SHOPPING through QR code


Lets imagine shopping through QR Code ..!!!!!!!

The IDEA is Really interesting virtual shopping store where ever you go . Buy  things in virtual store with QR code – scan the code of the  product in virtual store while you waiting for train or taxi .


How can you use QR code in your presentation slides

Lets imagine that , you are invited for a guest lecture in a college . You carry bundle of slides  for presentation .  Prepare your slides before last night and post  them in your website/ blog or else in your google drive / skydrive .

techmaza with qr code in it

Convert the link into