Play Nonstop videos form youtube

We all will visit YOUTUBE channel for seeing videos and we  pleasure on it , but it stops after every video in played . How to play an non stop  video in YouTube   ??  This question can be answered by “muzicgenie” .


Absolutely yes we can increase your business through QR code. For example there is an there is an Restaurant called HARRY in Singapore. They increased their number juice bottle sales by QR code .


The secret revealed

can you rule your website ??

There are situation to find the size of an image in means of pixel (width * height) , There are many applications to find out pixel size of an image in the websites. “Ruul this site”  is the very easiest application to be installed in chrome browser

Get free download on top trend eBooks from GOOGLE PLAY STORE

There are many apps made published as free in Google play store for the betterment of ANDROID users to use it in their daily basis  , Number of  Android apps in the market till 24 aug 2013845062  Percentage of low quality apps in android market is  23

Get kidneys from your mobile application – Need kidney ???

Katharine Wolf: Social Challenge Advisor

 We order pizza , burger through online  now its a chance to hold a kidney from the transplantation center it is made possible by ORGAN JET  Application creator , its sounds loud to get the KIDNEY’S from the near


BRANIDNG IMPRESSIONS – Download the video – Brand impression on internet  for a specific topic or brand.

Do we know what most branded companies do on internet , there is tool called BRAND IMPRESSION  to know about each brand activities on internet . It

Get more apps for free from APPLE store

Get more paid apps for free  as much as you can till AUGUST 27 , Apple is giving paid apps for free for these few days, Because of App Anne survey report, it  says that  apps made downloaded in Google play store is greater than the apps downloaded in

WordPress 3.6 released

The latest version releases in word press 3.6 with fixing many bugs from wordpress3.5 many handheld changes had made in the WordPress 3.6 , There is a new launch of improvement in blogging concept in the theme twenty thirteen , Single column layout made enabled in footer of twenty

Free! Free! window 8.1 update

Windows Blue actually being Windows 8.1, a Windows 8 update released for free through the Windows 8 is better compare to other operating system after discussion. They release windows 8.1 as update for window 8 operating 8.1 has been released on june 26th officially with the full