How to See your Face on Facebook

Facebook was founded by February  2004  by Mark  Zuckerberg with room mates. It is online social networking service.It was create using by mail account.User must register name, email account . They can create Personal Account and send friend request to friends and others. User can exchange messages, share their own ideas ,chat,upload photos, videos and major advantage is online application.They can create groups with friends and  notification of each and every shares. U know I am your hand See your Face on Me Every Fingers are Touch Me  I have  Million of fans Daily..

see your face on your face book time lone video

Millions of user can be daily use this social media. They are post lot and lot all the data can be saved in huge data center. Think Billions of user, so the data center should large or huge see how large they using data center for facebook. Really we are excited!

Facebook data center grand opening April 15th 2011. Really 300,000 square feet and 125 acres feet. They are maintain servers even we use single laptop it produce heat. Large server are used how much heat we think what is solution for control heat. Simple natural energy


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