Test Your website design on GOOGLE NEXUS 7

If you are more curious to know about your website design in GOOGLE NEXUS 7 (1920 x 1200 pixels ) 178mm screen , what we will do we borrow nexus 7 tablet from your friend to view our website design on the screen if your friends owns, if not we order it though ebay if we need to buy it .  If you cant do these process here is a solution for you , how your website design will look on GOOGLE NEXUS 7 178 mm screen display .


Basically mobile version can be viewed simply by re sizing your chrome browser like mobile screen all HTML 5 templates will be re sized to fit in the screen  basically new trend templates fits in all screens.

 resizing your chrome browser to view as mobile screen

To view to your website design in a Google Nexus 7 screen mode follow some simple steps .

# Launch default browser to see mobile mode (nexus 7 mode)  screen in your browser.

# Use this link to display our website  in nexus screen mode of resolution of resolution  1920 x 1200 pixels  

FOR PORTRAIT: mobiletest.me/#d=Google_Nexus_7_portrait&u=http://www.yourwebsitename.com

ex: (mobiletest.me/#d=Google_Nexus_7_portrait&u=http://www.techmaza.org)

FOR LANDSCAPE: mobiletest.me/#d=Google_Nexus_7_landscape&u=http://www.yourwebsitename.com

ex: (mobiletest.me/#d=Google_Nexus_7_landscape&u=http://www.techmaza.org)

# See the difference in portrait and landscape mode for your website design

# Choose the mobile button near search bar to chance the mobile phone screens and models . There are basic 6 mobile phones to be viewed when website is to be build based on these option.

The re sizing of  browser windows cannot be aligned to these styles with exact size on screen it may differ so the exact size of screen is made viewed in their mode. Use this link “mobiletest.me” to use more mobile option to view design in mobile mode view in your browser itself with exact dimensions.

If your website is not in responsive mode make them as responsive so you may get many visitors through mobiles. while the template is fitted with mobile mode , no need to create separate mobile version site as like olden days. There are many responsive themes as available for free to fit enough in your mobile screens. Here is an snapshot for for displaying techmaza in Google nexus 7 tab of 603 x 966


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