The 6 Best On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) Apps for your Car?

Nowadays it has become necessary to use cars to drive to the places wherever you want to go. People feel very comfortable to move in cars than other vehicles. In case, during your travel to someplace you face some repair or trouble with your car, you have got two options to solve the problem with.

  1. You can search for some mechanic shop to repair your car and spend lot of money to it. To the rare case very little percentage of people will know to repair or check the fault in the car. The remaining will surely have to rely on the mechanic.
  2. With the technology improvements today you can become a doctor for your own car using On-Board Diagnostics You must buy an OBD device and attach to your car for these apps to work. You can get these apps from the google play store.

The below listed are the best On-Board Diagnostics Apps,

car tracking app

#Torque  Pro: 

Torque pro is one of the best app which helps drivers to understand what their car tells to them. It really makes to feel like a communication between two humans. It is a user friendly app which has got a customizable dashboard to change the theme whichever they like it. Users can also record their journey via the Track Recorder plug-in. The latest version of the App was updated by February 2014. This App majorly works on Android devices Version 2.0 or more than that.

This App has got a feature of color codes showing where the problem is, which makes very easy for the users to understand their cars performance and temperature. The other features are Dynamometer and Horsepower which provides the information about CO2 emission from car.

#OBD Car Tracker:

OBD Car Tracker is also known as UUAID GSM. This Apps uses cloud technology which allows users to use it using their smart phone. It is compatible for both android and IOS mobile phones. The latest version of the OBD Car Tracker for IOS has been updated in August 2013, while the one for Android in October 2013.

The App provides information about the functionality of the vehicle like health , temperature, speed, emission and so on. It also provides a special type of alarm to indicate if the speed is too high, problem with the temperature, low voltage, high RPM and more.

The App also provides trip reports like mileage, fuel consumption, cost, driving time and emission. Another important feature of this app to the drivers is they have the driving behavior analysis to check how safely they are driving, how much money they are spending and how to improve their driving. Using this app you can become a better driver too.

#OBD Fusion:

OBD Fusion is an app for the IOS users.  OBD Fusion app can be downloaded from itunes for 9.99$. The latest version of this app was updated in January 2014. This app has got a user-friendly dashboard to customize and monitor the available features. Using this app you can clear and check cars engine light, the diagnostics trouble codes and the fuel company.

#OBD Car Doctor:

OBD Car Doctor app is compatible for both android and IOS devices. The latest version of the app is 1.2 for IOS, updated in July 2013 and 2.29 for Android, updated in February 2014. It enables users to communicate with the cars easily. The On Board diagnostics feature helps the users to identify the problems, solve it, and normalize to their driving behavior.

Though the previous versions are not that accurate the latest version has improved in identifying or reading trouble codes which becomes now easier to understand what their car says.


#OBD Link:

OBD Link is a high quality app supported only on android devices. The latest version of this app was updated on March 2014. The new features available on this app are real-time graphing, boost pressure and the option to reset fuel economy, while the entire style of OBDLink has been changed.

It helps users to check fuel consumption, verify emission, and check trouble codes. Its dashboard is very easy to customize and monitor.


OBD eZWAY  is an android app whose latest version 2.17 –premium GPS tracking was updated on March 2014, which had a new feature of indicating air fuel ratio. Once installing the app, you will be asked to create an account that will automatically generate a profile and web-page for the car.

It enables the users to check fuel and family trip statics. The other features are safety factors displayed in points from 0 to 100, average speed, driving time and maximal speed. Excited with all the apps, now what are you waiting for, kick the play store and download the app that suits you.

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