The Best Viber Video Call Tricks 2018

Viber Video call tricks, Video chat is a one-on-one visual communication between two Internet users. It lets any two people around the globe to place a video call to each other. For this, all they need is a computer, a video call application, and a good Internet connection.

Video chat uses technology to conduct live video as well as audio interaction among users at different locations. Generally, video chats are performed by means of computers, smartphones, or tablets.  Although video chat mainly refers to point-to-point interaction, it can also be used for multi point (one-to-many) interactions.

Viber application - how to use Viber application effectively for IOS

Viber Video call tricks:

Now, Viber users on Android or iPhone devices will be able to make free video calls to any other Viber users who have the app installed on their device. Viber says to make a video call to a contact, it must first start as an audio call and users can pick a video option once the call is connected. Inside a video call, users can send text messages or even transfer the call to a desktop device from their mobile phone.

Let us now know the requirements to have this facility for our device:

For iOS users: It Should be an iPhone 4S or later / iOS 7 or later  and with Viber 5.0 or later.

For Android users: Viber 5.0 or any recent version / The basic Android 4.0 and below this version it no longer support / A front- camera with at least 1.3 megapixels and internal memory of 1GB of RAM or more.

Every app today has a video calling option, but what makes Viber special? The video call in Viber doesn’t just stop with video call, you have lot options to have fun with.

  • Sending a message on Viber
  • Turn video on/off mode’s
  • Mute sound option
  • Smoothly Transfer call to the desktop/ phone without any loss
  • Switch your call from your front and rear camera with single tap
  • Call is encrypted and non hacker friendly

To make a video call, open your contact screen inside Viber. And select the contact from the list. Tap on the video call with an icon showed next to contact. You can also open the chat screen and tap on the video call icon. You can also do the same from your call screen.


Tap on the video call button to answer a video call. You can also switch the call to a voice call by turning off the camera. The call will still continue, but a video of you will not be available. Tap on the phone button to answer the call as a voice call.

Make the call smaller so that you can see other screens and you can chat as well. There is also a Transfer button available that enables you to transfer your call to another device. Viber also helps you to record the video call. But you may need the help of other applications like Mobizen and AZ Screen Recorder.

Viber Video call tricks and more

Viber is a cross-platform Instant Messaging app and Voice over Internet Protocol (IP).Viber is operated by a Japanese multinational company. It is called as Rakuten. Rakuten decided to make Viber to serve as a freeware for many operating systems.

You can have your chats hidden: First, open the Viber and go to the chat screen. And then find the chat to hide.

In iOS devices:  Swipe the chat to the left and click Hide (Call, hide and delete option) In Android devices: Press and hold the chat (A dialogue box will appear with two options- Delete chat and Hide chat) Now click on Hide chat. (Another dialogue box will appear asking you to set the 4-digit secret PIN. Enter the 4-digit secret PIN and you will no longer see that chat/message in Chat screen. It is a fun way to send messages, stickers, HD phone and video calls for free where ever you are in the world. It follows a simple way to use.

All you need is Wi-Fi or internet access to use Viber for free.

1. How Finding people on Viber is very easy: Anybody who already has it in their phone will have Viber icon near their name in the contact list. You have to tap on their name to send messages or photos; you can also make a video call or a phone call.

2. How to Chat with more than one person: Create a group chats with up to 200 members. You can possess it until you want also leave the group as and when you want.

3. How to Contact People without Viber: There is an option called Viber out. You can use this feature to call the people who are not using Viber. The cost of the calls is literally less. You can call to mobiles as well as landlines anywhere in the world.

4. How to use Fun Stickers on Viber: There are thousands of fun stickers. It has cute, romantic, fun and images that are animated.  You can also write in your images to be sent. You can paint on your pictures creatively.

5. How to send a Audio Messages on Viber: When you run short of time but still want to convey any message. You can do this using the “Hold and Talk” option. Hold the mike button and record your audio. Take off your hand to leave your audio message to the recipient.

6. How to Create Public Chats: Using Viber Public chats, you can follow live conversations and entertainment feeds. The feeds include celebrities, sports, movies and news and even more.

7. How to get In- game gifts on Viber: You have Viber games. You can play them as well as know what your friends are playing. You can gift them the games. You have bragging rights. Do you know what they mean? It is the rights that you get when you score high. Whenever your plays he’ll be shown that you have scored a high score.

You can enjoy Viber on mobile. It also syncs with your computer or tablet. Thus, you can use the Viber on whichever device you are comfortable. I hope we provided few tips and tricks you can do with Viber Video call.

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