How to Safe Your Mail From Hackers?

How to Safe Your Mail From Hackers?

Adam Levis founder of and Identity Theft 911,after they give 11 steps to keep your mail from hackers .Read this ways and follow it and protect your mail from hackers.

Steps to Safe Your Mail From Hackers?

First, we check mail from unsafe networks For eg. Library,Net Cafe etc,may be infected with malware to steal your passwords. Read more to safe your mails

Second, people should log off their e-mails as soon as their work is over, as by staying signed up a hacker can gain immediate access.

Third, email login name and password should not be repeated.

Fourth the major problem is that people do not their old-emails properly, which could contain addresses, account usernames and passwords, contact information for your Paypal’s. Problem occurs on financial.

Fifth People should not fall for the trick that makes them think that their credit card has been stolen.

Sixth cyber criminals sent emails requesting donations for relief efforts.

safe your mail from hackers.
safe your mail from hackers.

Seventh do not click on emails that show too good to be true travel deals.

Eight if you get a mail your bank or credit card company asking to verify your account information beware that it can be cyber criminals, as an institute that handles important things money or packages, don’t use email for communication, and definitely not to confirm personal information.These are ways to safe your mail from hackers.

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