Free Tools to Record Skype Calls Automatically

Skype is client-server system software Maintained by Microsoft Skype Division. Skype is software used to make a video call with your friends, clients etc.., the call charges depends on the traditional network system. In order to use Skype, You should create an account in Skype. And the party, whom you are going to talk, also must have account in Skype.


Each user should have their unique id and Name. While connecting the call through Skype, you should provide your id and also your partner id. Nowadays it is possible to record the Skype conversation for free of cost. There are many efficient software’s available to record the conversation and some auto answering tools are also available. This is very useful; if you missed any important conversation between your colleagues’ and used to record the call from your lovable person and so on.

# MP3 Skype Recorder

 Mostly internet users hear about MP3 cutter, MP3 songs download, etc.., Now the MP3 Skype recorder used to record the Skype calls automatically, both the commercial and non-commercial calls. It automatically starts recording the conversation, no start-ups are needed. There are no limits for the duration of calls. It records p2p and all Skype out calls. It enables saving the frequent calls separately.


# Hot Recorder

 Installing ‘Hot Recorder’ need not require any additional set up.After installing, it gets attached to your Skype. There are many options available in Hot Recorder like stop, replay, voicemail, recorder, etc..,The timing about duration of the call will be displayed. There are no limits and the quality of the saved file will be good. ‘Pause’ button is used to stop recording the unwanted matters. By clicking ‘Stop’ button, It will ask for details about the caller and store it in a specified folder.

# Call Note

Call Note is a app used to record the Skype conversation. It gets downloaded for free of cost and easy to install. In Call Note, the recorded audio will be automatically loaded into the ‘Ever Note’. If we make a conference call, sometimes there is a problem to record the audio. But in Call Note , at a time we can store up to 8 conversations. When the call attends, the recording will be started and end if the user quits the call. After the call ends the details of the call get stored in the ‘Ever Note’.

how to record skype call in your local device thanks for technolect for the image

# Super Tin Tin

 This is the software used to record the conversation with video. You should ‘start’ the recording once the call attends and ‘stop’ it after the call ends. To record the video, more memory space will be required. The trial allow us to record the video only for 5 minutes. This is the drawback in video recording. And it will be overcome by using the licensed software. It is supported by windows operating system.


# Pamela

Pamela is software used to record the audio and video calls and also have the facility of auto answering system. If you are not able to attend the call at the right time, the Pamela sends message as ‘recall’. Automatic answering facility is also available in Pamela Skype recoding.

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