Top 10 blowup apps for iOS


Here are some kiddish app “blow up” for IOS devices to bring your childhood memories while using this app on your iOS devices these apps are mainly controlled by mic in your device by adjusting the sensitivity of it.  Have joy by using this app remember your childhood days  with the help of these blowup apps.


# Blower 

 This blower app lets you to blow out candles through your iPhone, iPod or iPad. What all you want to do is to set the volume to the maximum on your iPhone . In the speaker opening  you can feel the air flowing outside. Now unlock the new attractive feature on your iPhone. Download blower


# Blow up frog

Blow up frog is the app that everyone might have heard of but there are few who have tried. All you need to do is tap the frog and hold it. Then to pump the frog, blow into the microphone. You can release the frog once it achieves your desirable size. To attain more scores, you need to have fewer  number of blows. Download Blow Up frog

# Blow Whistle

This is a simple app that allows you to blow whistle through your iPhone or iPad. You can blow whistle by blowing your device’s microphone . You can also do it by shaking your device and tap the whistle. You can annoy your friend or use it for whatever purpose you want. You can really enjoy in this app. Download Blow Whistle

# Blow bubbles and balloons

Blow bubbles and balloons is a game that allows you to blow the bubbles or balloons high. More the number of balloons or bubbles you blow , the more will be your score. First choose whether you like to blow bubble or balloon. Then you can just blow your iPhone to control the size and amount of bubbles or balloons. For blowing big bubbles, you can do soft blowing but for big balloons, you need to have a hard blow. This is an interesting game that everyone can play. Download blow bubbles and balloons

# Candle cake

Candle cake is the application that most people like to run mainly for their birthday parties. This app will contain cake, candles, balloons and birthday music as well. You need to set your age and based on that candles will be arranged on the cake. Light the candles and close your eyes then blow your iPhone or iPod and shake it. Now your parties starts with the wind puts out candles with music playing back and balloons fly through the air. Download Candle cake

# Balloonimals

 Balloon Animal is the collections of balloon animals such as fish, snails, etc. You just  blow the microphone in your iPhone or swipe in your iPod Touch then for each shake your animal takes a greater and greater shape. Now your balloonimal is ready to play. The funny sound effects while playing game makes your game more interesting. Download Balloonimals

# Blow Bubble Pop

 Through this Blow Bubble Pop app, you can blow bubbles then capture the stick man and pop them. This app is very easy to use with quality graphics and is fun for all ages. Download Blow Bubble Pop

# Birthday Candles FREE

This Birthday Candles app helps you in situations when you have forgotten the candles during birthday celebrations. When you start the app, a cake with lighted candles will appear and a birthday song will also be played. Now you can make your wish and make the party enjoyable.  Download Birthday Candles FREE


# Bubble machine

The Bubble machine app is the app that gives you a mind blowing experience. This is a perfect app for all kinds of ages. To create realistic bubbles of any size, blow the microphone in your iPhone. When you apply more force, smaller bubbles will form. Create bubbles of bigger size and enjoy the app. Download Bubble machine

# Halloween Blow KneoWORLD

 This Halloween Blow KNeoWORLD app set up the bomb at wood stick and press the blow button. Use the bombs to break the wood and release the pumpkin. Download Halloween Blow KneoWORLD

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