Top 10 social bookmarking websites be in your browser bookmark list:

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          twitter_london logoIn the social media bookmarking websites twitter is the very highly recommended media. You are all having knowledge about Twitter. Users access Twitter through the website interface, SMS, or mobile device app. It’s having the user friendly interface and this unique theme is used to makes it the most famous platform for bookmarking. So that , twitter have got the first place among the top 10 social bookmarking websites. And by the estimation, twitter has 250,000,000 visitors per month.



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Pinterest is the best platform for sharing the images. It permits the user to post any type of pictures. It can be related to nature, cooking,technology,internet, etc. And also those images can be shared by the other users, by adding them into their albums. By the estimation, pinterest has 85,500,000 visitors per month. So it gets the second place spot among the  top 10 social bookmarking websites.


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Reddit is the entertainment website. It  focuses on certain number of things, and which can be makes it highly effective and efficient manner in the way of social bookmarking. By the estimation it has 16,000,000 visitors per month. Thus , reddit  has the third place spot among the  top 10 social bookmarking websites.



Stumbleupon is  very highly recommended sites for websites, videos, images and etc. And it supports  various categories like nature, technology , etc. where the users can post. By the estimation, it has15,000,000 visitors per month


delicious for your blog

Delicious is the one of the famous social bookmarking services and link submission website,which is most popular for its tongue tickling name. It makes you to post,save. You can organize the link whatever you like.


newsvine_logo background white

 Newsvine is a community-powered website. In that community  members only can  post their articles, share the other links they have found. So it is a journalism news website which post the contents from its users.


digg_the_wallpaper_for _your-desktop

Digg is also one of the highly recommended social bookmarking website, which supports mainly for latest, top stories , famous and upcoming  events. If your website reaches the top position among any categories you might get thousand clicks in one day.


 fark logo

On the fark sites various websites can be post their original contents. The users can  post  any kind of posts like  businesses, politics, entertaining topics etc. Thus this site is used as a social bookmarking website. By the estimation, it has 1,850,000 visitors per month


 slashdot-transparent image

 Slashdot is the one of the social Media Website which is designed to offer news and expert commentary on the latest technology. It may helps you to create the back links and used to reach your contents to lot of people.


friendfeed image to your website/blog

FriendFeed is a real-time feed aggregator that consolidates the updates from social media and social networking websites etc. It have the number of users. This  is simple and open. Thus the friendfeed  is the tenth place  among the  top 10 social bookmarking websites.

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