In today technology world all are using mobile phones , which will make our life very simple manner . Nowadays lot of  the smart phones are used by all.  Among those phones, android  is one of the latest smart phone. And also number of apps are included in those smart phones. In those apps lot of games also included, so we can enjoy using those games. And it will entertain the kids, they enjoyed lot while playing interesting games. Day by day lot and lots of apps are introducing. Here is the some of the best android app for your android device.


# Google Goggles:

google goggles from the market download it from google images

This app is used  to search by use of picture, read a barcode or QR code, a product, or a famous images. And it will  give the  useful information, while goggles finds it in its database. Goggles able to read text in English, French, German, Russian, etc. and translate into other languages. And it can works as a bar code / QR code scanner. It can have the features of solving Sudoku puzzles, optical scan recognition is used to scan the text, recognize the famous landmarks etc. Download it from app store

# Android Calendar:

Calendar Icon: Android -3d illustration of a simple calendar on a white surface with a metallic white and green Google Android logo standing in front of it

Normally all mobiles having the calendar.  Android calendar makes your day, week and month. This apps have the features of 48 colors per calendar, sharing the events by use of QR code and your birthday birthdays & anniversaries with photos from your address book and editing etc. additional features like SMS and Email reminders for Google Calendar (Android 4 only) , Text and file sharing, etc are available in calendar+. You can move this forward and backward by swiping volume rocker . if you want to go today, 3 finger tap is needed. For adding new event long press is needed like that you can use this app.Download it from app store
# Sleep as Android:

sleep as android applicaiton available in the market applicaitons


Normally alarm clock is usually used to wakes up in the pleasant  mornings.  In android lot of the alarm clock apps are available. But this app have the same functionality with different interfaces. And it will make you to get a better  night’s by analyzing your sleeping pattern. Download it from app store

# Power amp music player:

poweramp music player in the app store

There are many type of music players are available now. Some players are free, some want to pay, and also most of that come with a different type of features. Power amp have a slick interface, fast library scanning. And can also use 15-day free trial to check it out, But it have some bucks. Download it form app store

# Snake 2013:

Snake Walk and android game from app store

 All are playing games for entertainment. This is the game, which have the five modes to make you enjoy.
* Classic Mode – in this, Every turn you will challenge your snake handling skills .you can  Navigate through 25 treacherous levels while feeding your snake!
* Challenge Mode –  in this mode Put your skill & co-ordination for  the test
* Time Attack Mode – in this mode you Can Eat in 60 seconds time trial. It will keep you hungry for more.
* Survival Mode – in this longer  you can survive,  This mode you can keep eating
* Nirvana Mode – Nirvana Mode is the amazing mode if you want to eat some treats.
* In this game you can earn 70 unique Milestones to while playing. Download snake snake from app store, Download snake in HD version

# Seesmic:

seesmic application from android store

 Facebook and twitter is the one the best social networks used as the android app. But using seismic app you can view and update both of  your Facebook and twitter accounts all at the same time. Since it is having simple interface. And you can share the photos, videos and shortcuts are used for direct access for replies from one of your twitter accounts. Download seesmic app from app store

# Tom’s Messenger:

toms messanger in your phone

Tom’s messenger is used to send the message very fast and easy manner. Even you need not to type anything. You can choose any talking friend you want to be Tom, Ben, Angela, Gina, Ginger. You can record your message by pressing the red camera button . and also you can able to share or send videos to your family, friends and loved ones. Download it form app store.

# Cartoon Puzzle:

merry christmas cartoon puzzle to your social networking site

Most of the kids likes to play cartoon games. here is the one of the cartoon game. While playing this game not necessary to have the internet access, you can play with the offline mode. Many pictures are sorted in a gallery. You can set a picture as wallpaper. And lot of the features also available in this game. This is free game. Download it from app store.

# Christmas Calendar:


christmas tracker from app store

Now we are waiting for Xmas. Here is the Xmas calendar for you as a android app. It gives you to open  a door each day from December 1 to 25.  Behind that each door  you can find the videos, fun facts and exercises related to Xmas. It have the 25 doors for fun. And also its have some features. Download it from app store

# Ninjump:


Ninjump is the one of the fun game. Different versions are available in Ninjump. In ninja climbing game if you want to reach high, you should tap and you can jump from one wall to another. And while taping squirrels, stars, angry birds etc will come. If you take continues the same three enemies you can have mega-jump bonus. Download it from app store – ninjump deluxe 

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