Here the Windows launches new product in the market which creates new revolution in tablet and laptop industry. It creates a great hit in U.S from june 20th and it will stable to appear in all country from Aug 28th(ZD Net news). Here are first, free, top windows apps to be added in Surface pro 3 once it is bought. The Top 10 Apps mentioned below is based on Microsoft windows store.


In windows play store Facebook placed a top position in free category. To find, support, chat with your friends on your desktop and to check all notifications within the panel without site Login.  Download Facebook Application for windows 8 here


The second position in free Apps download is for Skype. To stay connect while we shop, read or travelling, a face to face communication as a free call. The Skype App enclosed with talk, chat, screen sharing, file sharing between two individuals or a group. The Skype connects the world to talk with loved once in a simpler way. Download Skype Application for Windows 8 here


The App YOUTUBE placed in third position in downloading free Apps from the store. Youtube Apps helps to connects with video, To find solution for all questioner in form of video. Catch up all the famous video around the world and with kitchen on the go, get more recipes for your kitchen pan when felt bore in kitchen. Download Youtube Application for Windows 8 here.

youtube  application for windows 8 :


The Google has a App called Google search it is available for all mobile operating system to search Google easier and get result easier. It also includes voice search and application as a shortcut.  The Google search finds the place  for windows play store in 4th position. Download Google search Application for Windows 8 here.

 5. YouTube Dowloader Now:

The App called YouTube Downloader now can download videos from YouTube channel and can choose the dimensions features, if so HD available, can chose them while playing and video can be downloaded form the YouTube channel in the same format where video is watched. Download YouTube Dowloader Now Application for Windows 8 here.


The real VLC player is been developed for Windows 8 to play songs and videos the new extension is also been supported (MKV , FLAC) in windows 8 VLC player. Yet the VLC player is in BETA verision  for windows 8 operatin system. The language  Japanese (japan) is available in this VLC player.  Download VLC player for Windows 8  Now Application for Windows 8 here.

VLC player for windows 8 operating system

7.  VIBER:

The Application creates an very important role in connecting overseas friends. The free call and text is done in Viber, it connect the world small by a single between those two overseas.   Download Viber for Windows 8  Now Application for Windows 8 here.


The App AMAZON create a quick view  and tracking about your order and price of the product. The whole shopping cart in enclosed in single App. Bu, track, purchase, delivery, price can be checked in AMAZON App for your windows 8. Download Amazon for Windows 8  Now Application for Windows 8 here. The App size is only about 0.2 MB


We had seen many tips and tricks about Dropbox in techmaza. Here is the app of Dropbox to connect the files in cloud network and keep process your business documents. How to connect all your partners in dropbox (solution here). Download Dropbox for Windows 8  Now Application for Windows 8 here. Upload all the documents in a private could and fetch them when you want.


This App is powered by HP. Scan and capture the documents fro the Hp device while this App is connected your device to scan and save them as a PDF in your windows 8. HP Scan and Capture is a simple and fun application that captures photos or documents from any HP scanning device or your computer’s built-in camera.  These images can be previewed, edited, saved, and shared to other applications.

Hp scan and print for windows 8

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