5 New iOS 8 Features:

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Apple iOS 8 has unique features and is compatible with all other Apple’s products like iPhone 4s to iPod-5G. But it is not similar to the iPhone 4. It has more features like multi ways to chat, Health kit and so. Now we are going to see some superb features of the iOS 8.

  1. Family sharing:

We can share our photos with our family circles or friends whoever may be use the social networking, whats app, etc., Now iOS 8 provide a special feature inbuilt app to share the galleries with our family circles and connect with them always.

  1. New search engine:

All type OS having default search engine is Google. Apple search for alternative of Google result of this is lead to find the “Bing”. Bing is a very successful search engine for the iOS and the OS X.

  1. iCloud Drive:

iCloud drive is very closest to the Dropbox. It is cloud storage for primary users or first party users. It is very easy to access by the third party users. It expected to provide 5 GB storage. It may be provide the service 20 GB for $0.99 and get the 200 GB for the rate $3.99.

  1. More interactive notifications:

When you getting any mail or a notification from any social network, you can open the app. You can open them without closing the app that is already opened.

  1. Multi ways to chat:

It having a unique feature to message your friends just adds the contacts or removes in your group chats. A new mode is available that is don’t disturb mode.

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