Here are the Top RSS FEEDS to follow in your Underfeed Application. Simply add the RSS FEED link in to your news blur account to follow them in your Underfeed  Application in your windows. Here I splited the RSS FEED into an category vise.



2. NET NEWS WIRE APP :Download this application for your apple device to know about hot news about on your focusing sites.

3. FWICKI :The very easy website for accessing RSS feed Catalogue.

4. FEEDREADER :Use this application for controlling your list of feeds in a particular area and control them. You can sign in with top social media logins.

5. OMEA READER : This is an free RSS reader and newsgroup aggregator for managing your feeds online. This is with many facilities and tools online to organize your rss feeds.



1.  Mc Graw- Hill :Get the latest feed from McGraw-Hill Construction, as such Architectural Record, Green Source, Engineering News-Record, and ENR Regionals when and where you need it use this feed to know more about engineering details and publication news.

2. GLOBAL SPEC :Know the engineering and scientific details by subscribing the categories in them visit site and subscribe to your engineering and research paper online and be updated.

3. ENGINEERING LIVE :Engineering Live  give the fresh results about the engineering news and facts, You can subscribe for an free magazine subscription.

4. ENGINEERING :If you want to learn about inspiring and entertaining Engineering news follow this blog to know more about engineering products to be used globally.

5. ENGINEERING EXCHANGE :This is the global engineering community educational network for all engineers to get connected. Follow the RSS feed to know more about engineering facts.


1. MONSTER : If you are person looking for Jobs ,  get carrier advise to get your job, Download mobile applications from monster to search job from your handheld mode.

2. CARRIER BUILDER : If you want to follow on specific jobs , here the RSS feed are available for type of jobs subscribe them and follow to row your carrier better with carrier builder.

3. YAHOO HOT JOBS : This is yahoo RSS FEED it delivers hot jobs in a list. It is to follow this RSS feed when you have yahoo favorite feed aggregator, Add this feed in your Yahoo aggregator to get better results.

4. INTERNATIONAL JOBS : This is the website to get more results on job internationally. It shows international results on displaying jobs.

5. H-NET : Subscribe this RSS FEED to know about Humanity and social science announcement , reviews and social logs subscribe them and get jobs.


1. PHYSICIAN : Use this link to share about JOBS in medical field, get the job world wide in medical field. This is one of the valuable website to search for jobs in medical field.

2. PHYSICAL THERAPY : The list of  jobs in United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and NEW ZEALAND filter your jobs in country wise by subscribing RSS FEED form physical therapy.

3. HOSPITAL JOBS : Get general category of jobs in medicine field. The website is associated  in two ways for job seekers and employers in medical field.

4. GP ONLINE : GP magazine , Get fine tuned with GP RSS FEED to know more about GP news, GP clinical, GP Blogs, GP Commissioning updates follow the RSS in GP website.

5. REFLECTX : REFLECTX RSS Feeds to search for therapist and employees with better qualification.



1. TECHMAZA : stay tuned in this site to know more about technology to increase happiness by using them, guidance for using the application effectively.

2. TECHCRUNCH : TECH CRUNCH FEED to learn more updates , reviews, guides, in technology field stay in site to know more on technology

3. WIRED : WIRED is the site of 500 in alexa ranking, to know technology updates stay tuned in this site to know much better on technology updated.

4. MASHABLE : The most important site to know more about technology reviews. This is most growing site in technology to know lot on tech reviews. Alexa ranking : 208

5. LABNOL :  INDIAN LEADING TECHNOLOGY BLOGGER [AMIT AGARWAL]  he teaches How to blog and guide. The indian first technology blog since 2004. Follow the rss feed this is most required rss feed for all bloggers.


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