Track your Favourite Company Share easily – Yahoo helps

How to track your favorite company shares in your website very easily,  some of public will feel difficult to know about “FORTUNE COMPANY ” share details. Yahoo helps to this situation , you can track your favorite company shares (Quotes, charts, news) in your blog /website .

There are great company like “” display currency prises through their website , such type styles can be bought to your website with the help of YAHOO FINANCE . How yahoo finance helps us to display it ??

WIDGET in yahoo finance help to display live results for your  favorite company shares with charts and news.  example here (snapshot) of yahoo finance in your blog.

track your company shaes rates easily with in your website - guide lines -how to guide

Follow the steps to get them to your website

# Go to yahoo finance (or) click this link ” yahoo finance widget “, To get the widget . 

Click START NOW button on Right top corner.

# Choose the Module which you want in your website.

# Enter the company symbol you want to add them in your list. ( eg: Facebook-FB;  Apple-AAPl; Microsoft-MSFT; )

Add-name-of-the-company-symbol-to-add-them-in-your-list-ot-display-it-in-your-website-in-yahoo-finance.png# Select the range of the chart to display it form 1 day to  5 years.

# Choose the color scheme which match your website (dark. light) .

# Give a tick for applying terms and conditions to be followed.

# Grab the code paste them in your website. The preview mode will be shown at each and every change we perform on it .

The Yahoo finance widget will be appeared in your website , click the name of the company code to view them in chart. The live update of all company which included in queue will be showed in yahoo finance page.  example here (Apple Inc. )


yahoo finance snapshot - techmaza  - apple compnay share rate live AAPL

Yahoo really helps to track our favorite company share rates within our website , this make easier to track the rates for the from our site , this widget helps a lot to track their favorite company share in their closed box .

Here is an Yahoo Finance widget in our website based on our needs . Track your share rate within your website .. or even you can add this code in your widget area to display it in all pages you suggest .

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