Transfer large files from one android phone to another android phone

Share large files on android phones using flash transfer

Tired of sharing large files to friends android phones on Bluetooth? here is a new way to share files to your friend. 

Flash Transfer is an Micromax stock android app. It was preinstalled on micromax android phones. It is the only app which is developed by micromax. Now this application is extracted from micromax phones.  You can be able to use this application on any of your android phones.

What this Flash Transfer actually does??

  • It simply activates wifi hot spot on your mobile and connects to your friend’s smartphone through wifi.
  • It can transfer any larger files like Musics, Videos, Games any other files with short time.

I tested this app by sending 1.5 gb of data to my friend android phone. It actually transferred a file withing 10 min. It is one of the awesome app for  android smart phone. There is no application related to this app on android market.

This app will not be available on android market because it is an stock app.


intro-Flash transfer intro for micrmax phones use it effectively

join with friends- by connecting the friends android mobiles - through micromax mobile - techmaza

 join with friends- by connecting the friends android mobiles - through micromax mobile - techmaza

How to use?

# Simply install this app on your android smart phone then share it with your friends android phone and install this app on friends smart phone too.

# Now open the app on your mobile. It simply asks to fill the profile.

# Then press “Connect with friend” option.

# It asks 2 options as create a group and scan to join. Give create a group on your mobile. Make your friend to open this app and tell him to choose scan to join your group.

# Now your friend is connected to your group. Start selecting your files and simply shake your mobile to start share your files to friends.

Note: It can be used only for android phones . It was not developed for any other smartphones.

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