The electronic goods are not believable it may give some trouble at any time and we scream if it crashes at our important  schedule. Here is a trick about to use and type in computer when the keyboard crashes. There are two invisible keyboard and one type pad in our computer, have we ever know this ?. Here is the trick to know about these keyboards. These kr keyboard are very much helpful for typing you passwords – use these keyboards to type your password in case the password is small so, no key-loggers will find your password your password can be safe from hackers.

on screen keyboard use when you type passwords | protect your password from hackers

Finding First Hidden Keyboard in Computer:

Never worry when you keyboard is not working, here it is the simple keyboard as looks like your keyboard with all functions in it. It ddoesn’tgives feel  that  you lost/crashed your keyboard. Here are the steps to open your hidden keyboard in your computer, this keyboard alies “on screen keyboard”. Steps to open On Screen Keyboard mentioned below.

Go for windows key or click start menu  choose for All programs in the list choose Accessories, the list will appears choose Ease of  Access and click On screen Keyboard. [ Start-> All programs-> Accessories-> Ease of Access-> On screen Keyboard ] the hidden keyboard appears on your screen. This keyboard has dictionary mode will correct your mistakes while you type in text box and it shows prefered word.  The above image show the On Screen keyboard on how it looks when it displayes.

Finding Second Hidden Keyboard in Computer:

The First Hidden keyboard can be found easier but this keyboard hides to deep to find it. To find the second the keyboard follow the steps, Go for windows key or click start menu  choose for All programs in the list choose Accessories, the list will appears choose Tablet PC and go for Tablet PC input tool. The Writing tool appears, in the same popup windows you can see keyboard icon as like showed in the picture  below.  [ Start-> All programs-> Accessories-> Tablet PC-> Tablet PC input tool ]

the hidden keyboard in our computer -2

The second hidden keyboard opens  in a non expansion mode, to expand the keyboard, the need of numeric keys go for expansion of  keyboards to show in full length.  This does same feature(Dictionary, Spell check) as like done by first hidden keyboard.

Write using Writing Pad:

using a writing pad you can write and the text will be displayed in a textbox. The writing can be done by mouse in case of your computer is touch screen, you can write using styles.  The basic writing, correcting, deleting, splitting, joining tutorial is available in the same pop up menu Just write what ever needed and correct them. In case of mouse the Dot appears to write here is techmaza example. The picture shows the difference of hand written and suggested text from writing pad.

writing in a non touch screen laptop with mouse satisfying it

Thus the solution for keyboards when it crashes while on important schedule . These are simple way to adjust with keyboards and make safe your passwords from key loggers and hackers. The track pad need to be practiced with mouse to write clearly to minimize the suggested errors.

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