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This post is mainly for travel lovers , many used to spend a lot in making calls while in abroad. Here is a small trick to reduce the calling charge while abroad. This is very useful while travelling to abroad and making calls to your loved once. Take for an example if you travelling to Singapore and stay for a month instead of using/buying new simcards in  Singapore this app is much helpful in making calls to your loved once to their cellular from wifi or data signals. The Application called yola is very much used to make a call instead of skype , viber or any other application. In case of skype or viber we need data or wifi on both the ends to make/attend a call. This is the method of calling  internet to regular cellular mobile, so the user at another end doesn’t need data or WiFi signal to make a call.

Why Yalo differentiated from Skype Calling service:

The Skype has same fecility to make a call form online to regular cellular mobile. But the rate used in Skype is bit higher than provided by Yalo.

We doesn’t have free trial service in Skype but Yalo has, free trial option for first 15 minutes.

The unlimited call series is higher in Skype than compared to Yalo.

Internet usage is bit lower in Yalo than compared with Skype.

The skype is available for all operating system in case of  Yalo it is developing version it is been released only Android and IOS.

Why you need to use Yalo Application:

Yalo has unlimited call fecility.

It is good in low data connection.

It is cheaper than compared with other dialing apps.

Good user interface and better performance.

It has good Fair usage policy for more details

FAQ’s About Yalo


Download Yalo application for IOS and Android operating system and check for Yalo user License, Agreement and how does it works

yalo the Android and IOS application for free call





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