Upgrade your android firmware through kies setup for Samsung smartphones

Everyone has an interest to upgrade their firmwares for adding more features to their handsets.

Have you upgrade your android phone firmware through PC suite or manually ( For only Samsung smart phones )

There are certain steps you need to be follow to upgrade your firmware.

 Upgrade using PC suite:-

Step 1: You need Samsung kies. To download Samsung kies setup click this link (windows)

Step 2: Install it on your PC.

Step 3: You need an internet connection to upgrade your firmware through kies.

Step 4: Then connect your Samsung mobile  via USB data cable. Device driver will get installed automatically. Before connecting with data cable with pc enable USB debugging on your phone in setting menu .

USB debugging demo - connect your mobile through computer with kies

Step 5: Your kies application automatically ask to update an kies application according to phone hardware or libraries like something. Accept it and update it

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Step 6: Then after updating it will automatically shows your mobile model number on the left side corner on Kies. Then it will be like this (image seen below)

firmware upgrade option to the mobile form  system  OPTION TO VIEW FIRMWARE UPGRADE

Step 7: It will automatically shows an update if your mobile has an update with latest firmware like this or else go to tools menu on kies click upgrade firmware option.


Step 8: Click the update button to upgrade your firmware. It will automatically flash the new firmware on your Samsung handset.Don’t disconnect your USB data cable will updating the firmware. Your updating speed depends upon your internet speed.

For further information comment it below. We will try to help you.!!

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