Google goggles tips to use better:

Image recognition is a process is to processing and analyzes the image. Image recognition is mainly used for security purpose. Now you can search the new things based on the image. Like this, a Google goggle is an app for smart phones. The app supports the downloadable image recognition app. For example, pick cocacola company logo and search for it. The app will results about information related to that company logo. It is mainly developed for android hand held devices. Google goggles is delivering the visual effect of the information. It has two features are snap tell and kooaba ( know better about “snap tell and kooabA” ).

A Google goggle has many versions. Their recent version is Goggle 1.9 (Developer guide). It has high quality and very flexible to use. The image or a photo must be easily recognized by your hand held device. It  rotates the photos in various angles and then perform the operation whatever you want to do.



The photo must be precise and clear. You take photos in accurate manner and zoom it as much as possible. If you take a photo of any company logo or brand logo, image is clearly visible to the device. Otherwise, the barcode of the product is able to recognize the details of the image. Always use the landscape orientation for the image.

You can able to share the photos which you taken from the Google goggles to face book, twitter or whatever it may be. If you want search the directly visit the URL of your favorite company, you will take a photo of business card of that item.

Google goggles tips


If you are in foreign, you will use the Google goggles. It may have the local language of their country. It is very gibberish to you and you cannot understand unless and otherwise that language familiar to you. So, you go to Google translate and get a solution for the problem. This Google translate first identifying the character using OCR. Then translate the language into either English or whatever you want.


You can take a photo of the barcode, then search it in the Google goggles (requirements). Not only the barcode, get the info for the QR code. Just capture or pass the barcode on the camera, directly it will show you the information. Store the info in your phone memory for further use.


You can use this app as a small wallet. Using the EVERNOTE technology, to store or save the business cards in the app. The OCR technology is to recognize the huge or some high amount of business cards. It is not like an evernote, It extracts the data and save the necessary data so that unwanted data easily removed. It is very useful and easy method for all to use. 

Download Goggles App for Android mobile.

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