Awesome Evernote Tips, Tricks And Features You Should Know

Evernote is an app that allows you to take notes, create your daily plan, to capture photos ,etc. It is absolutely free app that helps you to use it in productive manner and to save all your valuable times. You can use this app to save, to edit or to share the notes with various users of Evernote. This app will help all bloggers, professionals, business people, entrepreneurs, etc. It can support for all kinds of platforms like windows, iOS, Android, etc.

What makes Evernote attractive for bloggers? Its Inspiring design, faster note creation, efficient sharing and its unlimited storage are the reasons for its attractiveness. You can upload your notes, 60MB per month. Here are some tips and tricks for you to use Evernote. And also try simple gesture App for you IOS device.

1. Local Notebook

Through Local Notebook, you can upload notes even beyond the monthly usage for uploading. But if you create a local notebook in a device, it can exist only in that device. You can move the notes from local to another notebooks but you cannot change the type of that notebook.

2. Default Notebook

After creating any Notes, you will specify, to which Notebook your Note should be added. If you didn’t specify any particular Notebook, then there is a default Notebook to save your Notes. Your default notebook is like an online clipboard. This clipboard will contain all the Notes for you to refer later.      



3. Drag and Drop

When you use the default clipboard, you can use the drag and drop option. This is to drag or drop your tags or notes or notebooks within your Evernote.

4. Difference between Notes, Notebooks, Stacks and Tags

First, know the difference between Notes,  Notebooks, Stacks and tags. Creating a new page in Evernote is called Notes, which can be a page or document. Collections of Notes is a Notebook and the collection of Notebooks is a Stack. The elements contained within the Notebook is the Tags. You can copy a Note to another Notebook but you cannot add it to multiple Notebooks. You can have any number of Notebooks in a Stack.

5. Remember and Capture Everything

You can capture photos, business cards or the thing that you want to remember with your Evernote. Through Evernote, you can have remainder to remember the things that you wanted to do, even as daily schedule.

6. Word Processor

Have you ever think that Evernote can be used like a word processor. As Evernote supports for text highlighting with different fonts, alignments, tables, lists, links, spell check, word count, etc. Evernote can act as a Word Processor.

7. Evernote Search Syntax

Evernote will not show the shared and tagged notes of other users. If you want, you can view them by using search operators. There are various search parameters where you can search by ,the date of creation, media type, etc through the advanced search operators of Evernote.

evernote_smart_notebook_android_thanks for moleskine for this image

8. Use Saved Searches

You can easily search in Evernote and access your note or notebook by entering some keywords. The most often searching keywords can be saved as “Saved Searches” for easy access.

9. Use of Tags

You can create any number of tags as per your wish and need. Then add or tag all the notes that are related to that particular tag. If you create a tag named Projects, then all related projects will be tagged to it. Likewise you can create your own tag in Evernote.

10. Evernote Shortcuts

If you want to easily access your favorite Notes or Notebooks or Stacks, use Evernote shortcuts. These shortcut are available on the sidebar of Evernote, so that easy for you to use it.

11. Sharing Notes and Notebooks

You can share your notes with anyone, even with the non user of Evernote. Just click the Share button and then ” Copy Note URL To clipboard“. The public link of your shared note will be produced as URL by the Evernote. You can give it to anyone who like to view your note.  You can also share your notebook. Just right click on the notebook and click “Share Notebook“. Your Notebook will be shared.

12. Setting Remainders

Once you create a Note, you can set remainders with some specified time or date. In the Remainder Notification Settings, you can enable Email Remainder. If you specify time for the remainder, then a push notification will be sent to your device. Or else, if you specify date for the remainder, then an email alert will be sent to your mail if the date is expired.

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13. Evernote Web Clipper

This Web Clipper helps you to clip the webpage and you can use it to read them in offline. You can also clip articles, bookmarks, etc. Then you can also save or share it in your Evernote account. 

14. Connecting with other apps

With your Evernote account, you can add apps from the Evernote App Center. You can find apps based on the platform you use. So that you can easily find and add your favorite apps with your Evernote app.

15. Evernote Premium

In Evernote Premium, you have some additional features on Evernote. Some of the features are accessing the note in offline, searching inside the PDF documents, monthly uploaded size increased to 1GB, etc. Enjoy these premium features with Evernote Premium, which is an advancement of Evernote. So, use this Evernote trickily to efficiently manage your notes and to remember and capture images, etc. Here is a YouTube video to do better search in Evernote app….


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