How can you use QR code in your presentation slides

Lets imagine that , you are invited for a guest lecture in a college . You carry bundle of slides  for presentation .  Prepare your slides before last night and post  them in your website/ blog or else in your google drive / skydrive .

techmaza with qr code in it

Convert the link into QR code use the QR code image in last page of your presentation  , so the interested students can download them  from that link . In case of not sending “soft copy” of your presentation via mail to them . The easy way to download  presentation copy has attached to  it  (it is one of the form of generating traffic for your site )  . Go along with technology updates   .


If  URL  is typed  in the place of QR code to download the softcopy of the slides presented. It can be mistyped to download them  for the better access QR code made placed . The only thing to be noted is QR code scanner + data connectivity must be turned on  in the smart phone.

NOTE: when the presentation slides is uploaded in google/sky drive it should be shared as public or visible only with this link  , then only download is made possible .

Try this  Download (presentation) from my host sever use QR code in your presentation – .


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