Make your screen saver interesting !!!!!

There are many Software to bring  Powerpoint as screen saver , Video as screen saver, RSS Feed as screen saver even ,we can even bring webpages (i.e website ) as screen saver to our computer , our computer will  look more amazing than before . There is application called WEBPAGE SCREEN SAVER to make computer looks even better. This is the very old screen saver in windows on those time, these screen saver will look amazing to view in screen

pipework abstract very oldest Microsoft screen savers for desktop - very rare pic in internet


WEBPAGE SCREEN SAVER brings live website as screen saver in your computer its looks eye catching than before.  This software will works in all windows platform except windows 8 . We hope better application will come with better option as screen saver for Windows 8 PC’s (we need screen saver for windows 8 is already looking smart ).

There is video in YouTube published by Mobilephone2003 (Duncan)  about bringing screen savers for windows with Google visualization (Google trend ) recently released by search engine Giant  , visualization is tile showing live searches on Google >> Example here >> Google Trend visualization Tile.  The option to save webpage as screen saver is explained in the video . Download Software

There are many software and High Definition images  to make screen saver as amazing , we have ever though to bring webpage as screen savers..?? ?

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