Using WhatsApp as a Private Store for your Documents & Notes

Here is the solution to use WhatsApp as a Private Store for your Documents & Notes!

There  can  be  no  youth  in  this  modern  world  who  doesn’t  use  or  for   the  worst  case  who  doesn’t   have  an  idea  of  what WhatsApp is. The  world  has  shrunken  further  with  the  incorporation  of   this  giant  micro-blogging   application   into  the  smartphone  of  the  smarter  generation  and  even  in  desktop  computers. This  prodigious   application  owned  by  the  Facebook  Inc.  is  a  cost-free  way  to  be  connected    with  family  and  friends,  that  to  at  a  jaw-dropping  speed.


Most  of  the  guys  and   girls  restrict  Whatsapp  only  to  a  texting  tool  and  also  a  platform  to  update  their  daily  activities. But  Whatsapp  is  an  amazing  file  transfer  app  which  when  utilized  in  a  fruitful  way  spring-boards  its  utility  value  to  unimaginable  levels  in-terms  of  market  shares. The  Whatsapp  which  is  a  bridge  between  you  and  the  external  world  can  also  be  a  bridge  between   your  thought  and  memory. The  alternate  ways  in  which  Whatsapp  can   be  used  are:

  • To be a  cloud  storage  that  stores  all  the  pictures, documents, files, ideas, notes, memos, remembrances  and  observances  so  that  it  can  be  viewed  from
  • To quickly share  and  receive  links, docs, PDFs  and  such  kind  of  stuff   without  signing-in  to  the

The   idea  might  be  comic,  but  this  is  a  great  way  to  have  the  required  files  and  cases   in  your  palm. This  process  becomes  easy  when   create  a  virtual  contact  in  Whatsapp  as  sending  a  message  to  your   own  number  is  finely  impossible. Instead  you  sail  the  other  way  round  by  just  creating   Whatsapp  group  with   yourself  being  the  sole  participant.

If  you  are  unfamiliar  with  creating  a  group, then  follow  the  simple  steps  to  covert  Whatsapp  into  a  drive :

  • Open Whatsapp and  select  “NEW  GROUP”  to  form  a
  • Christen your group  with  a  name  and  add   the  contacts  from  your (give the name as Imp Notes or as you mind)
  • Enter into the  newly  created   group  and  view  the
  • Leaving you alone  in  the  group, remove  all  other  participants  from  the  group, which  makes  you  to  be   the  only  member  of  the group.

If you see this screenshot. I have passport size photo, Physician location (when i get an appointment again it can be used), Aadhar card and so on.

Whatsapp Group to keep your documents safe

This  allows  you  to  operate  Whatsapp  like  an  offline  drive  or  a  private  store  where  you  can  save, search  and  organised  the  required  important  documents  and  data can be printout by Web Whatsapp. As you see recently Gmail upgraded 2 step security verification for your account at time it cannot be accessible when you are at internet cafe. Instead this method will be safe to handle ( safe in the sense: messages are encrypted in a default manner  ), easy to keep your notes in a better way.

Whatsapp Search - to keep your documents safe

Now you can share  and search all the uploaded files, pictures, documents and all other requisites in the group with you being the only participant. Another boon in  this  Whatsapp Group search (as you see on the picture) is that, you can easily sort-out the search-text by just entering the keywords…cool right!!!

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Using WhatsApp as a Private Store for your Documents & Notes can you regularized by backup and it can be switched on by under settings -> chats -> chat backup. Follow regular backups to keep your private space to never miss content. When you change your Handset or Phone Number, the group remains the same.


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