Very interesting mouse will take photos and scan QR code !!


The new revolution to the mouse world by Genius . We take photos through our mobile phones, tablets, camcorder or even with web cams. To remember our memorable days, Genius is a TAIWAN based international leading  computer peripheral manufacturing company makes an new revolution in mouse with introducing camera in your mouse. This feel very interesting fact while I search last month regarding computer peripherals. Here is an intro video about genius all in one mouse from YouTube.


The cam mouse is with combinations of  1200DPI and 2.0 megapixel camera connecting the two worlds together,  The cam in the mouse is hand held featured with simple one click  photo sharing on social medias, The default software is installed with the mouse hardware is installed in your computer , the software is to control and view your images in your screen.

The special thing in mouse is it doesn’t needed any special  qualification to install the mouse hardware and software , the software in mouse controls your camera in your desktop screen as like as webcam application. The mouse camera is comparatively better than web camera (in build) in our laptops.  The will be a doubt that how to switch on the camera from mouse mode ??, the switching on your camera in mouse by following old method [ opening the shutter on, on the camera lens ] once it is done the camera will be switched on.

The cam mouse instantly takes your photos and share with social medias by synchronizing  them.  The mouse act as a mini mobile phone without simcard. The cam mouse is very hand held to take photos and scan QR codes , the single mouse with many functionalists own them on soon when it launched to the market.


Apple Mouse history between 1983 to 2009:

Apple-Mouse-from-1983-to-2009-source google image

Features of Genius all in one mouse :

* 1200 dpi blue eye technology works in all surface.

* 2.0 megapixel 720 HD camera for high resolution images.

* Easy inbuilt photo editing tool.

* Handheld device to capture photos  instantly and share them in social media.

*Easy switch mode between mouse and camera within a second.

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