How to view lost Webpages on Internet?

Did you want to see for older page how does it looks before a year or a month for a particular website. It can very easily seen even though the website has changed the content or theme after a year. You can even see the old content, did you want to know about it here(below) we mention the trick/tips to see the older pages of a particular site.


Please find below the easy ways..

  • Wayback Machine
  • Search Engine Cache


WayBack machine method:

The best tool to recover a deleted webpage or look back your old page is it show the old page of your website before a month or a year For example check for techmaza in Archive. Click Blue dot on date calender to open the archived page of your site form Archive.

Archieve – It enables you to capture, manage and search collections on digital content without any technical expertise. It has saved 435 billion web pages over the time. You can use many search engine to find the wayback machine. You can even look how the search engines and other sites was there year 3 to 5 years example is mentioned below.

There is simple steps to work with wayback machine.

Google is a best to search engine and we can get  results easily.

  1. Go to google and type wayback machine and click enter or click here
  2. Open the wayback machine
  3. Type the URL for the missing web page or website
  4. Click the Browse History
  5. You will see the calendar view, in which select the year at the top , month and date 
  6. Finally you will get the saved pages.






Search Engine Cache Method:

There are many search engines are available to find out the deleted web pages or web sites.

you can use search engines like  Google, Yahoo, Bing and Most of the people use Google to get the results fast. we also suggest to use google for getting older page.

  • Open the Google search engine and Paste the missing Link  in search bar in which you want to recover webpage
  • The result for particular search will be appeared search for a link you are targeting for.
  • Once you get the link , Beside the link you may find the arrow which is pointed towards down, Once you hit the green the option like similar and cached will be there go for cached page to get the page in a special window.  Where the information about the website and cached details will be mentioned as like image below

techmaza in cached page in google

  • If the pages doesn’t loaded properly, then click the Similar option to find out the similar link for the page.

Save Web Page on your computer. If you want to save the web page on your computer for your further, you can use the below step.

  1. Go to the website you want to save
  2. Press Ctrl+S to save the site
  3. Give the file name and save it in your computer

This will save the pages on your computer and you can access when ever you want. you can use the third party services like Pocket to save the web pages for offline reading.once you installed the extension , then the saving pages is very simple by Clicking the Pocket Button.

dusty-archives om internet

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