Watch video preview in BING search

hover on a image to play video in BING search enine

This is nice to see an video preview in BING search engine, this is happen simply by hovering the mouse cursor to the video thumbline image in search result. The preview of entire video is played for few seconds in a light box , We can know about the entire video story with in few seconds . The video preview includes with Audio option it can be muted or unmuted to play the  preview video.

Here is an example of bing search for “AR RAHMAN” songs. Here is a link check it out ( link for Ar Rahman result ) , feel the video presence in a different form . This preview option works in every country there is no specific selected country to these type of videos, The preview option must be enabled to see the video in a preview mode in YouTube  upload option  if so it shows “PREVIEW NOT AVAILABLE”  under the image of  light box.


Watch all the videos in a preview mode to save your time while seeing them in preview mode , the concept of the video is played for few seconds with the progress bar . Before seeing the entire video preview mode is like trailer for the entire video. Improve your better search for videos with BING search engine.

Videos can be Filtered in Length , Date , Resolution and Source .

Length can be filtered in short (less than 5 min), medium (between 5-20 minutes) and large (greater then 20 minutes) , Date can be filtered as (day , week, month , year) , Resolution can be filtered as  (360pixel, 480pixel, 720pixel, 1080pixel), Source of video channel can be filtered as (MSN, YouTube, Mtv, Daily Motion) .  BING video search gives an amazing experience in video results.ONLINE-CLASSES

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