Website built easier with Google web designer tool

The great search engine giant GOOGLE released many web oriented applications to develop our stuffs by using it. Today is a great day for all  web designers to develop their site much easier with “GOOGLE WEB DESIGNER TOOL” which is launched by Google few hours ago .

This tool is made for developing a sites in HTML 5  . HTML 5 is an universal adaption for all devices and screen to fit easier in the screens , Google web designer released with a phrase “Create engaging, interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics that can run on any device” . This tool made useful for all people to develop in once and use it anywhere, this tool  helps to create add  which fits to all screen very easily and displaying adds in a responsive format .

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The current features for Google web designer beta :

  • Create animated HTML5 creative adds with responsive.
  • View , edit the code behind the designing area and viceversa to it.
  • Receive updates to the product automatically once you started to download it.
  • No re installation needed for further updates.
  • Google web designer tool is a free product.

All the animations is made possible through HTML5 , now it is been much easier with Google web designer tool , to get interactive with YouTube videos in to our page. Wait for a couple of weeks to get full release of tool , now its an BETA version , the full access is informed with notification.

If you are interested To download it  know about starting guide of  Google web designer  here it is (starting guide for Google web designer tool), share your excitement in developing HTML5 pages using Google web designer tool  in Google+ page (google + page for google web designer). See multiple videos on YouTube channel how to develop a site using HTML 5 (Google web designer YouTube channel). Clear your doubts in developing webpage using this forum  (Google web designer forum).

Download Google web designer tool >> here is a link 

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